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10 Richest Captains:
Aurelia $1,760,390,121
Asgarnian $620,414,250
Eliott $431,209,916
Hughjanus $191,889,752
XHawk87 $72,399,066
D Rabbitoh $28,192,326
nisDe $15,450,302
Asgarosa $3,126,721
mindless $2,653,065
Atomic $2,522,340

10 Largest Factions
Aehltirium Stellar Group 8
Order of Oblivion 1
Altian Imperial Alliance 1
New Dawn Alliance 1
Pirate Council 1
Admin Master Race Conspiracy 1

10 Largest Factories:
ASCactus Liquified Vodka Amazement 580AsgarnianEvora
Aeon Provisions: Aloe Juice production 1 346EliottEvora
Loving Organic Aloe 134AsgarnianEvora
AScatos Breadcrumb 100AsgarnianScatos
Pilsbury Dough Boy 100HughjanusEvora
Melting Pot 50D RabbitohScatos
hughs wheat hanger 30HughjanusEvora
hughs ice pool 20HughjanusEvora
Sekret Vodka 9AsgarnianEvora
You need Oven with this 0QasmokeeEvora