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10 Richest Captains:
Aurelia $1,760,390,121
Eliott $776,899,835
Hughjanus $342,962,496
Asgarnian $139,200,402
Geff $100,115,619
XHawk87 $72,399,066
Fenri Bjornolf $32,307,292
xTharc $31,389,449
D Rabbitoh $28,995,402
Croso $28,490,164

10 Largest Factions
Aehltirium Stellar Group 8
Order of Dread 2
Scatos BioEngineering Inventive 2
Admin Master Race Conspiracy 1
Asg Go finish this game u lil asshole 1
Altian Imperial Alliance 1
Order of Oblivion 1

10 Largest Factories:
Asg Volc Water 25AsgarnianAyraat
Evora Water Works 15CrosoEvora
Aeon Provisions: Aloe Juice production 1 12EliottEvora
Admin Ice enabler 0AdminEvora
Better TITANium 0AsgarnianAyraat
Badziew Defrosting Inc 0BadziewEvora
SBI - Glass Lightning 0Scion_SpyScatos
Geff Stainless 0GeffEvora
Evora Fields 0CrosoEvora
ASG Battery 0AsgarnianEvora