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10 Richest Captains:
Aurelia $1,760,390,121
Eliott $1,001,031,066
Asgarnian $627,801,397
Hughjanus $338,944,557
Geff $100,115,619
XHawk87 $72,399,066
Fenri Bjornolf $32,307,292
D Rabbitoh $28,378,654
Atomic $27,551,156
pedrosantos53 $21,178,562

10 Largest Factions
Aehltirium Stellar Group 11
Order of Dread 2
Order of Oblivion 1
Altian Imperial Alliance 1
Admin Master Race Conspiracy 1
Pirate Council 1

10 Largest Factories:
ASCactus Liquified Vodka Amazement 739AsgarnianEvora
Loving Organic Aloe 294AsgarnianEvora
Asgaloha Juice 100AsgarnianEvora
ASG INOX 60AsgarnianEvora
AScatos Breadcrumb 57AsgarnianScatos
ASG Plastik FTW 49AsgarnianAyraat
Aeon Refining: Ice Smelter 1 44EliottEvora
hughs ice pool 40HughjanusEvora
SBI - Bakery's Hope 39Scion_SpyScatos
Volcanic bread inc. 30AsgarnianAyraat