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10 Richest Captains:
Aurelia $1,760,390,121
Eliott $402,744,652
Asgarnian $371,297,369
Hughjanus $316,818,573
XHawk87 $72,399,066
D Rabbitoh $28,378,654
nisDe $15,450,302
mindless $3,932,569
Halfrunt $3,892,711
Asgarosa $3,262,118

10 Largest Factions
Aehltirium Stellar Group 8
Altian Imperial Alliance 1
New Dawn Alliance 1
Pirate Council 1
Admin Master Race Conspiracy 1
Order of Oblivion 1

10 Largest Factories:
ASCactus Liquified Vodka Amazement 108AsgarnianEvora
ASG Magic Aqua 60AsgarnianEvora
ASG INOX 50AsgarnianEvora
hughs ice pool 40HughjanusEvora
Asgymmetric Super Houses 25AsgarnianEvora
Asg wheat 25AsgarnianEvora
ASG SiO2 FTW 23AsgarnianEvora
ASG Glasser F 23AsgarnianEvora
First Potato 20AsgarnianEvora
Asgaloha Juice 20AsgarnianEvora