10 Richest Captains:

Aurelia $1,760,390,121
Eliott $776,899,835
Hughjanus $342,962,496
Asgarnian $106,493,620
Geff $100,115,619
XHawk87 $72,399,066
xTharc $47,668,772
Fenri Bjornolf $32,307,292
D Rabbitoh $29,121,700
Croso $28,490,164

10 Largest Factories:

Aeon Provisions: Aloe Juice production 1 12
SBI - AV.Juice 0
Evora Cobalt Refinery 0
Matrix Thawing 0
Matrix JrEvora
Bakery 400 0
H2O 0
Monsanto Company 0
ASG Better Chrome 0
SBI - Warehousing 0
10 Largest Factions
Aehltirium Stellar Group 8
Order of Dread 2
Scatos BioEngineering Inventive 2
Admin Master Race Conspiracy 1
Asgarnian go finish this game 1
Altian Imperial Alliance 1
Order of Oblivion 1

Reactor block
space strategy game

In an infinite shared universe you're put in the role of a ship captain to trade, mine, build, destroy or pirate to find your way to glory through economical, political or military means!

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Game Features

Persistent shared galaxy

All players play in the same shared universe which is totally player driven so every choice you make affects others too! The galaxy is infinite and continously connected in all directions so you can fly your ship to anywhere including the vast black voids between the star systems. Interactive space map is draggable and zoomable so it allows for quick and easy navigation across the universe!

Custom ships

This game features an unprecedented custom ship builder system! You are not limited to any classes but actual physical limits like power, weight and thrust. You will be able to build huge ships from modular blocks - which itself are totally customizable depending on the quality of ores they were built out of. Once you build new block parts for your ship you can easily upgrade or create a new ship in the interactive ship builder. With billions of possibilites you can create each of your ships to be best specialized for a given task or create one big multirole ship and do it all. The choice is yours! Having an option to refine your ores into better quality but lose half of it also leaves the players with an interesting quality vs quantity question and at the same time prevents materials inflation.

features player driven economy

Player driven economy

All the items in the game are produced or mined by players on the planets or asteroids! No trade NPCs that enforce their own prices on planets! Players dictate the prices of all items in the game themselves. Game money is persistent which means it doesn't come into or go out of the game at any point which means there is no inflation and economy is very real. Resources are distributed unevenly across the galaxy which creates shortages and rarity on some planets and abundance on others stimulating trade across the galaxy. Smart economists will know how to manipulate the economy to their cause.

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Created by Jernej Po┼żenel