What is Reactor Block?

Reactor Block is a new browser based game in development!

Play beta here!

Persistent strategy MMORPG

In a fictional universe you're put in the role of a ship captain to trade, mine, build, destroy or pirate to find your way to the glory through economical, political or military means!


Consecutive 2D Space

Other space games usually have systems to which you hyper jump or go to through Gates but you can't actually go to the void between the systems. In this game the space is continously connected in all directions. With a layout made only out of so called "grids", you'll be able to go anywhere even in the big black void between the star systems!

Custom Modular Ships

Each Ship is built from modular block units! And each of these blocks is made out of resources players produce. You will have different systems available like reactor, control room or hyper drive, that will affect how the ship performs in combat or how fast it'll fly. With up to 10k blocks per ship, there are billions of possible combinations to try and design the ship that best suits your needs!

Player Led Economy

All the items in the game will be produced or mined and priced by players on the planets or asteroids! No trade NPCs that enforce their own prices! Smart economists will know how to manipulate the economy to their cause.

Planet Simulation

Large NPC populations will be living on the planet and require jobs, food, healthcare, houses and everything else. Players can build factories that extract resources and produce all the items needed to advance NPC populations to prosperity!


Playing with others is more fun! This game rewards teamwork. Make a faction and invite other players and be more efficient. Forge alliances with other factions or destroy them!

Become A President

Run for the president of your home planet and gain control over land distribution and tax the player companies!


With the option to govern planets and then give planet resources to companies of your choice. Factions will fight for control through economic or military means to dictate their policies and gain an advantage!