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  • ✅ Added a "My Factoryᵇᵉᵗᵃ" button to the planet's access buttons which will take you to the new My factory page where I've just started reworking the user interface for that page. You can't do any actions on the page yet though, it only displays name, type, number of workers so far.
  • ✅ Added a "Hide Ship Cargo" button to the top of the Planet Market's Ship cargo hold section which is useful if you have a lot of stuff in your cargo hold but want to quickly skip down to the planet's For Sale listing without having to scroll down. Also tidied up the Cargo Hold section a little: added blue outline for visible separation from the rest of the page, and moved the "transfer All cargo at once" option to the top as well so you don't have to scroll down to it if there's a lot of stuff in your cargo hold.
  • ☑️ Fixed a bug in asteroid regenerating script which wasn't spawning any aluminium, fullerite or veclerite asteroids because their name was too long for the database spec 😂 Completely deleted and regenerated all the 8150 asteroids in the game. Scatos planet ring was reduced from 30 to 20 asteroids in order to not be an overpowered mining zone. I might consider respawning the mined out asteroids once per hour as a solution instead.
  • ☑️ The ship's scan range box (white outline) and coordinate lock-on line now work properly on mobile phones too.
  • ☑️ Fixed a bug on the screenshot where after a lot of zooming in/out the grid would sometimes get misaligned with the map objects
  • ✅ Added a "Only take resources for production from this factory" option to the factory settings. If enabled (slider set to on(blue)) factory will only take resources for it's production from it's own storage. If turned off (the default) then factory will take resource for production from other factories you own on the same planet that have sharing enabled too (only if there's not enough resource in it's own storage, just as it was until now).
    This setting is useful for refineries so that if you forget the refinery running for too long and it refines everything inside to quality 10 it then won't start refining every single of your quality levels for that ore from your other factories which you probably didn't want.
  • ☑️ Changed the Auto Mine button on the asteroid scan screen to start mining the asteroid straight away instead of closing the screen then reopening it and then mining.
  • ✅ Added a scan button onto the information of captains that you click onto on the map. Clicking the scan button will open up their ship design.
  • ☑️ Added additional security check to prevent people from building a ship out of the ship blocks that they don't own.
  • ☑️ Fixed a bug when mining that didn't take into account that ship parts and housing units take up more than just 1x m3 in your cargohold and thus allowed you to mine asteroids even though you were over cargo hold limit.
  • ☑️ Changed the mining auto script message that showed in an alert when you mined out an asteroid but still had more cargo hold ("Auto Mining Script stopped, the roid is probably finished but you still have...") to show in the top left notification window.
  • ✅ Added a Move Ship Tool that moves your entire ship inside the drawing space. This is useful if you want to add a lot of new blocks on one side of the ship that would get into the drawing border.
    Also added a black background on the drawing space when using the move tool or move ship tool so you know where the borders are.
  • ✅ When loading your current ship in the shipyard it will automatically zoom in/out as much as needed so that the ship will display over entire shipyard screen and also center it in the middle.
  • ✅ Shipyard's Display Spec numbers size now scale with how big the ship blocks are displayed.
  • ✅ Shipyard zooming in/out was fixed so that it now doesn't zoom in/out to the top left corner but zooms in to the block you're aiming your mouse at.
  • ✅ Display Spec button in the shipyard now acts as an on/off button. So once it's clicked and active the spec numbers on your ship blocks will display all the time until you click on the button again to turn the spec numbers off.
  • ✅ Replaced the Left, Right, Up, Down buttons in the shipyard with a Move Tool button. Click on the new button and then drag with your mouse to move your ship around the drawing field. Selecting the desired ship part will deactivate the moving mode and allow you to draw again or you can click again on the move tool to return to drawing.

    You can also use the middle mouse button (click and hold on the scrollwheel) to move the ship/canvas around.
  • ☑️ Updated the -11 factory log type ("You don't have one of the input resource...") to now show which resource the factory ran out of. (the past logs won't show the correct material)
  • ☑️ Fixed a bug where firing some workers (but not all with the red button - just lowering the number of employed) from a factory while there are any unemployed on the planet will lower the unemployed starve index, happiness and health because it was not calculating average together properly due to a misindexed unemployed variable.
  • ☑️ In order to not make planetary mines too overpowered for refining the mined ores into Q10 ores and also the ownership of these mines more desirable and at the same time to keep mining asteroids important: I have drastically reduced the amount of mines on the planets. There are now only 5 mine slots of Iron at Ayraat, 5 mine slots of Aluminum at Evora and 5 mine slots of Chrome on Scatos. And also 8 carbon scrubbers slots on Ayraat and 3 on Scatos. And 8 Silicon mine slots of Evora and 3 on Scatos.
  • ☑️ I have simplified production of Housing units by getting rid of Stainless steel, Composite Glass and Polymer materials and their respective factories and now the housing units simply takes the same resources you needed to make it from before except you don't need 3 other factories in the middle. I did adjust the amounts slightly so 0.4 of a housing unit now needs 0.8 Aluminum, 1.7 Iron, 2.1 Carbon, 1.6 Silicon and 0.24 Chromium.
    I have turned any Stainless steel, Composite Glass and Polymer that players had in their factory storage or ships back into the materials they were constructed out of so that you can continue building housing units with them.
  • ✅ Turns have been changed to also have 2 decimal places so that every engine you place on your ship will matter.

    The right side panel has been updated with your ship name and available power. Clicking on the ship name will open up shipyard screen and load up your current ship. But you won't be able to upgrade it unless you're at a planet.
  • Every ship block also has certain amount of hitpoints (again depending on quality) and mass (this is the only property that isn't affected by the quality as every block is always made out of the same amount of material regardless of quality and every block also takes up 100 m3 in the cargohold).
    Your ship's speed is calculated from all of the thrust your engines produce together and the ship's mass. The exact equation for how many turns per grid your ship will fly at is: 8 / ( thrust / mass). If there's too little power or too little control it will colour red in the stats.
  • ✅ Every ship block has certain amount of power (called standby power) and control requirements to be operational. Reactors produce the power to fullfill those power requirements and Control Rooms are the brains of the ship that provide control of the blocks. So you need to have enough control rooms in order to have at least as much "control" than what is the minimum required or the shipyard will throw an error when trying to upgrade the ship. Same thing for power: you need to have more power than the standby power requirement to build the ship. But you also need to make sure that your reactors produce enough extra power to power the engines when you use your ship's engines. Engines require power when jumping that you can see in the Engine Jump Power Req statistic. Power generation - Standby Power requirement will give you the amount of leftover power generated per minute that can be used by your engines. This will show up as Charging Power in the statistics. If that power isn't spent on moving the engines then it is used up to fill any Battery blocks. Battery blocks store that leftover power in order to be used up later. So instead of adding more reactors to have more leftover power you need for moving the ship around you can add batteries that will charge up from the leftover power and store the power in a more efficient way(in terms of power/mass). Batteries will thus extend your maximum jump distance when full unless it's already limited by how far you can jump on full turns. Battery stat in the shipyard only tells you how much power the batteries are capable of storing. But power stat that now shows up on the right side panel under your turns is how much power is available so: Battery + Charging Power.
  • ✅ As you can see your ship is made out of different blocks that produce different properties so here's how that all works. At the moment the ship parts blocks you can manufacture and add to the ship are: Reactors, Control Rooms, Cargo holds, Engines, Batteries and Corridors. The quality of ores the ship blocks are made out of effect what the properties of each block are. For example engines made out of better quality ores produce more thrust and have more hitpoints. There is currently no way in game to see what ore qualities add up to which properties for one single block so here is an excel sheet you can use in the meantime:
  • ✅ When you're done designing your ship clicking on Upgrade the ship! will send everything to the server to verify and upgrade your ship. Make sure you change your ship name to something unique first though!
    Any ship blocks that you removed from your ship will return into one of your factories' inventory. If you don't have any factories on that planet then the ship part will be put for sale on the market for a price of $21212 and you can cancel the sale to return them to your ship if you have enough cargo space. (Though don't forget! that you can always make a Warehouse type of factory on the planet for free and without having to employ any workers in it to get free storage space)
  • ✅ Clicking on Display Spec will write ship block spec on the blocks so you can distinguish between the quality of blocks you placed on your ship.
  • ✅ All engines need to be placed at the back of the ship and there must be empty space after them. In this case the back of the ship is the right side of the canvas. You can click on the Check Drives button to test this. Any engines that are not in a valid place will get a "!" drawn on them.
  • ✅ All the blocks you put on your ship need to be connected to each other vertically or horizontally. They're not connected diagonally! If you click Separation Check it will draw a C letter on all the blocks that are connected but any section of your ship that isn't won't have the C letter on which means you need to connect it to the rest of your ship for the design to be valid.
  • ✅ So if you have any extra blocks to put on your ship just click on the block you want to add, then left click on the position you want to add it to. If you have multiple blocks you can just hold your mouse button and move across the canvas to basically draw the blocks on. If you want to delete the blocks off the ship then right click on them. You will see there are a few different options available to help you draw. There are different symmetry tools so you can create the perfect shape of the ship. To use these click on desired symmetry button and then click on the field where you want the line over which the symmetry will work over to be. Click the symmetry again to go out of the symmetry mode. The "1" "1" buttons at the start will adjust your drawing "brush". So basically if you have a lot of blocks you can use that so that when you click on the canvas it will place down for example 4x3 blocks instead of just one. You can zoom in and out with your scroll wheel as well but it might not work as you expect atm and I will change that in the future. And you can move directions with the left, right, up, down buttons.
    The canvas size is currently limited to 140x80 so that is the maximum size the ships can be atm.
  • ✅ The big update is here: the most basic shipbuilding is now in the game!
    At the moment you can only upgrade your current ship, but you will be able to build and own multiple ships after the next shipbuilding update.

    To upgrade your ship you need to be next to the planet's outpost and then click Shipyard. This will open up the empty shipyard screen and any ship parts you have in your factory storage on that planet will show up at the top. Note that the shipyard screen has not been optimized for mobile yet so you won't be able to design the ship on touch devices yet.
    Next you need to click Load Current Ship button at the top to load up your starter ship design onto the shipyard canvas and on the bottom right side you will get the ship's statistics.
  • ☑️ Changed the default new factory setting so that when you create a new factory it outputs it's production into it's storage by default instead of onto the market.
  • ☑️ Fixed a bug where ship blocks with specs outside of 0-10 number range couldn't be requested or canceled from sale.
  • ✅ Added 3 more ship block types into the game and it's respective manufactories: Control Room Block, Battery Block and Corridor Block. These will be all ship blocks for now and I will be focusing on getting shipbuilding/upgrading operational (making some good progress on it atm) before adding other blocks like weapons armor hull and shields and others.
  • ☑️ Fixed the Miner and Contacts button to open up on only one click like before I messed with them in december.
  • ✅ Changed all the screens accessible from the planet so that when you scroll down the planet market and other buttons stay at the top.
  • ☑️ Fixed the forgot password email not giving you a https link to change the password.
  • ☑️ Fixed a bug that messed up the big screen animations if you clicked on anyone's Captain page link.
  • ☑️ Fixed 3 bugs when changing quality level settings in ship parts manufactories and now work as intended (read the update post from 2 days ago). The problem was it didn't let you change the quality level without having any of the ore of the quality you're changing to in the factory storage - now it does. But if you had some but too little of it to do the quality switch, it would throw out the ores from the half finished unit but in wrong amounts for the other 4 resources (Now fixed to correct amounts) and it didn't reset it to Unit production progress: 0 % - now also fixed that it does.
  • ✅ Added Reactor and Engine Blocks to the game and their respective manufactories. I have also lowered the minimum worker requirement in the Cargo hold manufactory to 8.
  • Changed factory production code to accommodate new Ship parts blocks factories. Cargo hold manufactory was also added on all planets as the first ship part you can now build.
  • Every produced ship part block has a unique specification number that's displayed in place of the quality in inventory/storage. You can easily figure out which quality of ores the ship part was built out of like this: for example a Q90923 cargo hold block was made out of level 10 aluminum, level 1 iron, level 10 carbon, level 3 silicon and level 4 gold (in order of resource id. So quality - 1 to get the specification number). And out of that quality/specification number the blocks stats are gonna be calculated which will affect how good all the properties of that block are once added to a ship.
  • Inside the management settings of the new ship parts factories you will find Input Quality Settings. There is currently no way for the parts factories to automatically take whatever quality of ores you have. So you need to set the quality setting of each input resource. This choice impacts what kind of Specification the produced ship block will have. When changing the quality settings the script will check the current Unit production progress and if it's not zero it will return the ore you're switching the quality out from the half finished block in production and put in the ore of the new quality you have selected. If you factory storage has no ore of the new quality that you're setting then unit production progress will be set to 0% (the current block that's being made will be scrapped) and the ores returned to your factory storage. This is done so that people can't start making a ship part block with quality level of 1 then switch it up to Q10 and get Q10 specification ship part produced even though not all of it was created with Q10 ore.
  • ✅ Added a chat button that links to Reactor Block discord channel 🙂
  • ✅ Factory Inventory category tabs now display sum amount of all resources in that category
  • ✅ Added Auto Mine and Save to Auto Miner buttons onto the Asteroid Screen. Save to Auto Miner will only set your auto miner asteroid coordinate and id fields. While Auto Mine button also sets the auto miner form but will then also immediately start the auto mining sequence.
  • ✅ Added some additions to the Auto Miner. The J buttons(standing for "Jump") will instantly jump to either the asteroid or cargo destination coordinates. The S button sets the cargo destination coordinates. Clicking on the button containing "Asteroid Location:" and "Cargo Destination:" will center your screen to that location (just like clicking on any of the quick navigation buttons does).
    I have also put in warnings for any unfilled form fields. So that if you try to mine but didn't set your asteroid location you will get an alert saying your coordinates aren't set instead of jumping your ship to 0, 0 coordinates which was quite annoying.

  • ✅ Mostly optimized the game for mobile (not the front page yet though). I was also refactoring some code at the same time and have now solved all the issues which it caused. So now when you login into the game next time you will be on the new mobile optimized page automatically.

    On mobile the right menu is hidden and can be accessed by clicking on the menu access, the info window is at the top and zoom in/out icons are added because pinching in/out doesn't work atm. To move your ship tap once on the screen but when you drag your ship won't move. There is a lot more of optimization to do for all the pages like planet market that are too wide and currently simply become horizontally scrollable on the mobile but you should be able to do everything you can on desktop.
    The one feature I will be adding that you currently can't do on mobile is clicking on objects like ships to get information about who's that ship is I will make it so that your ship won't move when you tap on other objects but instead reveal information about them.

    Let me know if something isn't working. Currently known bugs are: 1.) that the scanner range box still isn't working correctly. 2.)The first time you click on the Miner/Contacts tab you have to click twice so it opens up. 3.) When I was testing and refreshing a lot, the grid net and main screen exit button would get offset sometimes (happens on desktop too). You can fix it by closing the tab completely and logging in again, though this shouldn't happen under normal use.
  • ✅ Added Jump to Roid and Jump n' Store buttons to the Auto Miner. In case you don't want to mine all of the layers on the roid or some other reason you can just jump to the roid but it will not start to mine it automatically. And in that case you can then use the second new button to instantly jump back to the planet and store everything instead of having to do the entire mining sequence even though your cargo hold is already full for example.
  • Note that inventory is still sorted first by planet then resource. So if you for example have different levels of Aluminum on both Evora and Ayraat then there would be one Aluminum Expandable category for Evora and further down one for the Aluminum on Ayraat.
  • ✅ Implemented a crude Inventory collapsable system! For now it simply joins any of the same resource that are listed one after another into a category named after the resource. Click on the orange category name to expand and see all the levels in all the factories of that resource. Click again to collapse it back together again.
  • ☑️ The auto mining script now uses the latest **Transfer everything in your ship cargo to one factory** function so it is faster to unload when you have more ores in your cargohold.
    Also made the **Transfer everything in your ship cargo to one factory** function return to updated market page or inventory page (depending on from where you used it) instead of giving you a blank page with transfer success messages 🙂
  • ✅Added an option to transfer everything in your ship's cargohold into a factory of choice with one button on planet market and inventory screens
  • ✅ When you transfer cargo from your ship while in the planet market screen, the page won't load inventory screen but refresh the planet market screen instead.

    I have also reworked the Inventory page so that it is now "built" in javascript and not in PHP(which is now only sending data in) in preparation to make the inventory screen sortable, searchable and other functions like transfer all cargo to one factory at once... and it is now more moddable friendly as well.
  • ☑️ Fixed the forgot password request not sending you an email with password change link.
  • ✅ Added "Unit production progress" indicator inside My factory detailed info screen. This is so you can see how much of one unit was already completed in the last cycle for things like Housing units and the future ship part blocks (things that are made in units and thus 1x unit of the thing is bigger than just 1m3 and undividable like other resources are).
  • ☑️ Fixed a few different minor bugs with asteroid generation. The asteroids were undersized for what they should have been and also a new asteroid was generated everytime a layer was mined instead of everytime the entire asteroid is mined.
    I regenerated all the asteroids once again.
    Also added "Current size" number to the asteroid page which is the sum of the size of all remaining layers.
  • It was this same bug that caused the new quality refineries to halt production when there's miniscule amount of lower quality ore left even though there's still more of higher quality ore left in your storage to refine. Like in this screenshot example production stopped even though there was Q5 ore that the refinery should continue to refine
  • ☑️ Fixed this bug that would leave "Materials used in production: 0.0000 of " messages in your factory when no production was made.
  • ☑️ Fixed the scanner range outline getting all weird during the use of auto miner.
  • ✅ Added contacts llist next to the auto miner pop up on the bottom left side of screen. It displays all objects on the map within your scanner range and displays their names. Useful for quickly seeing what kind of asteroids or which captains are nearby without having to click on each of them. Clicking on the button will display an arrow pointing to the object. The J buttons next to it are quick jump buttons - will immediately jump to the object coordinates. Contact list automatically gets populated everytime you move or update the map.
    Eliott originally coded this in a script and I just modified it to fit into the game for everyone. Thanks for contributing! 🇹 🇾 🙏 👍
    Quick gif of how it works:
  • ☑️ Added Gold Refinery factory into the game now as well (to refine gold into better quality of gold).
  • ☑️ I deleted all the old roids now and regenerated all of them, made a slight change to asteroid generation script in regards to how many layers is max that can spawn on each size of the asteroids. From now on everytime you mine an asteroid a new one spawns in the same asteroid group just like before.
    I also added gold into the game and is now in the new asteroids. It is the third rarest ore by spawning chances.
  • ✅ Added in refineries for all the materials that have different quality levels and will be used in shipbuilding. (Aluminium, Iron, Carbon, Silicon, Chrome, Titanium, Tungsten, Fullerite, Veclerite, Cobalt). These work by taking any quality level of the specific ore from your storage and refining it into one quality level higher but in the process losing half of the original amount. Though in future this will change so that higher quality levels will have a bigger refining ratio than quality 1 refining into quality 2.
  • ☑️ Fixed a production bug where you could mine other level than just Q1 ore with planetary mines. Added quality levels to factory production logs. Updated factory production code to be ready for addition of ore refineries which will be the next update.
  • ☑️ Fixed a few bugs with the new scanner range outlier and lock-on line not appearing correctly when using the Jump buttons
  • ✅ Added a scanner range box. The white outline shows how far your ship can see other objects, while the orange outline shows what the new scanner range will be if you move to where you're pointing the mouse(to where you clicked for info). and the orange outline also shows up when using the quick navigation buttons.
  • ✅ Added a lock-on target arrow... well it's actually just a line between your ship and the target. You can activate it by clicking the new Lock-On button under the navigation coordinate box. When pressed it will draw a line between your ship and the coordinate numbers inside the coordinate box. This is useful if you want to go from for example Ayraat to Evora but want to scout and mine some roids while you do so but don't want to deviate from the fastest way to Evora too much or get lost. Also useful for general scouting in a straight line between two points.

  • ☑️ Fixed a problem with new quality levels in production where some logs wouldn't show up and if you had more different qualities in a factory some could get overwritten the amount from others or never get deleted.
  • ☑️ Fixed some issues with auto mining script and added these two things to you can auto fill the auto miner form. You only still have to put in the factory/warehouse id of where you want to store
  • ✅ added an auto mining script into the game that's mostly been made by Eliott (big thanks! for contributing) There's a little button in the bottom left corner you click to access the form into which you need to input all data and then when you click mine the script will do these actions automatically in order: fly to the asteroid, mine all the layers on the asteroid until the roid is mined or your cargo full, fly to the chosen parking spot, unload ENTIRE ship's cargo hold into the storage of the desired factory/warehouse. Then you can click mine again to repeat mining the same roid :D... These actions will be executed with roughly a second between each action.
  • ☑️ The right side panel now get's a scrollbar if your screen isn't high enough
  • ✅ The new quality levels of the ores on asteroids are now correctly transferable to ship and factory storage and can be properly sold/requested on the markets as well.
  • ✅ Regenerated the new layered asteroids and fixed their naming also added some new code so that if two layers of the same ore and level are generated they get merged together into one layer.(old asteroids are still out there)
  • I've left all the old roids in the game for now so currently there's twice as much asteroids in the game and all are minable. and currently new asteroid spawning after you mine a roid is disabled but I will fix that tomorrow so that only once there is designated amount of roids left in each asteroid group will the new asteroids spawn after you mine one.
  • The new ores also have a quality level but the quality levels aren't yet implemented into the storage of ships and factories so every ore you currently mine will be level 1 once that is implemented. Example of a new roid:
  • Core of the asteroid always contains it's primary ore which accounts for 27% of entire asteroid size +-8%. Other layers are roughly the same size each depending on how many layers there is (randomly decided) and how big the core is. After the core with it's primary ore, whether a layer has primary ore or secondary ore on subsequent layers is decided randomly 50-50.
  • Which secondary ores spawns in between the primary ore layers is decided by these spawning rates/chances:
    Asteroid group: Inner System
    Weight together: 2243

    Ice chance: 62.42% Weight:1400
    Aluminium chance: 2.23% Weight:50
    Iron chance: 2.45% Weight:55
    Carbon chance: 14.27% Weight:320
    Silicon chance: 12.48% Weight:280
    Chromium chance: 1.69% Weight:38
    Titanium chance: 1.43% Weight:32
    Tungsten chance: 0.89% Weight:20
    Fullerite chance: 0.8% Weight:18
    Veclerite chance: 0.45% Weight:10
    Cobalt chance: 0.89% Weight:20
  • ✅ In preparation for the Shipbuilding update, asteroids have been revamped. They now have multiple layers (3 - 14) and spawn quite a bit larger than current roids did but the maximum size a megaraoid can spawn at remains 40k. All the new ores that will be used in the ship parts building have also been added to the game and are in the new asteroids. These are Titanium,Tungsten, Fullerite, Veclerite and Cobalt.
    Every asteroid is made out of primary ore that makes up most of the asteroid and secondary ores. Which main ore the asteroid has is decided by this spawning rate/chances:
    Asteroid group: Inner System
    Weight together: 1322

    Ice chance: 37.82% Weight:500
    Aluminium chance: 9.08% Weight:120
    Iron chance: 9.46% Weight:125
    Carbon chance: 11.35% Weight:150
    Silicon chance: 7.56% Weight:100
    Chromium chance: 7.19% Weight:95
    Titanium chance: 5.67% Weight:75
    Tungsten chance: 3.18% Weight:42
    Fullerite chance: 3.03% Weight:40
    Veclerite chance: 2.65% Weight:35
    Cobalt chance: 3.03% Weight:40
  • ☑️ Fixed a bug where player logs didn't show the correct amount of turns spent for mining. (All the mining logs from before also show the correct amount now)
  • ☑️ Fixed: reloacting unemployed workers to the other planet now averages the health happiness and starve index of the transfered people with the existing unemployed if there are any on the planet you're transfering to.
  • ☑️ Updated/Fixed the "disband factory" and "stop production - fire workers" buttons to correctly average all the new indexes (happiness,health) when merging the population back into the unemployed and also to transfer housing units over. I've also made it so that all the stats of your now zero-worker-factory gets set to 0
  • ☑️ Changed the way productivity bonus is displayed in workers population stats inside factory details page to display + or - before the productivity bonus that gets added onto the base productivity. So that there isn't confusion of someone thinking that their factory is operating at only 8% while it's actually operating at 108%
  • ☑️ Changed the way housing units are collapsing due to simulate house maintenance (houses needing to be replaced over time). Instead of 1% of houses getting destroyed every 100 cycles now 1 house will collapse every X cycles. X being calculated like: 144 * 40 / ceil($f->workers / 4). So basically factory workers needs to replace each of their house every 40 days but instead of all the houses getting destroyed after 40 days, there will be 1 house destroyed every 144*40/'amount of houses needed' cycles.

    So for some examples: factory with 20 workers needs 5 houses to house each of the workers(4 people per house) and thus 1 house will be destroyed every 1152 cycles(which is 8 days).
    but a factory with 400 workers needs 100 houses so one house will be destroyed every 57,6 cycles (every9,6 hours 😱)
  • ☑️ Fixed a bug where housing units, happiness and health of the workers that were auto fired from a factory (either because factory ran out of money for wages or minimum required number of workers got too small due to some dying) didn't get added/merged to the unemployed population stats.
  • ✅ Added cargo transfering, dumping and putting it for sale options into the My factory screen inside the expanded factory details screen where you have internal factory inventory shown for that particular factory. The same options as you have on the Inventory page.
  • ☑️ One Housing Unit takes up 90m3 in your cargo hold unlike other items in the game where 1x takes up 1 m3. There were still some bugs leftover from this change that are now fixed (Your taken up and the remaining cargo hold numbers are now displayed correctly. You could also buy more than just 3 housing units into your ship's cargo hold if you were buying one at a time which was also fixed and you can only have 270m3 of items in your cargo hold like it's supposed to be now)
  • ☑️ Fixed a bug where worker's happiness would go to 100 or 0 in a few cycles if the factory had highest/lowest wages on the planet/in system. It gives +10/-10 onto their base happiness like it's supposed to now 🙂
  • ☑️ I finally fixed the money leak bug and so the population requests are now back online as well.
  • ✅ You can now relocate unemployed workers from one planet to another one. This is a temporary solution to get population to a planet where populations died out without me having to manually relocate people in the database.
    You can find this option at the planet station in My factory page. There are several limitations so that you can't abuse this option. You can only transfer unemployed to a planet while there is less than 70 population on that planet. You can only transfer people to a planet once per day (once people are relocated to Ayraat for example they can't be relocated to Ayraat from any planets again until after 24 hours. But you can relocate people from for example evora to both of the other planets 1x per day each). Maximum amount of people you can transfer over is half of the current amount of unemployed on the planet you're relocating them from. There is also a money cost of $500 per each unemployed transfered, 300$ of which goes to each unemployed worker and $200 to the government of the planet from where he was relocated from.
  • ‼️ Disabled population requests since they are causing a bug that creates some extra money out of thin air every cycle. Seems like just a rounding errors but gonna investigate it.
  • ✅ Added a number of cycles and days your factory money fund will last at the current wage and number of workers before running out if there are no additional incomes to it. Added to the Total Wages section inside: ( cycles - days )
  • ☑️ Fixed a bug which prevented you from founding a new faction
  • ☑️ Fixed a bug that prevented factory logs from getting written into the database when factory outputted production item into it's own storage and there wasn't any of that item in the storage yet.
  • ☑️ Fixed a bug where player money wasn't getting updated when populations bought a player's for sale offer.
  • ✅ Added new ores into the asteroids! I deleted all current asteroids and generated new ones (except for one mega ice roid that we were mining near Evora). All asteroids still have only one ore type in it (no layers or anything like that yet). Huge and Mega asteroids still only spawn as ice asteroids (those are over size 1000). But asteroids under 1000 m3 in size can now spawn with these resources:
    - Ice 60% chance
    - Iron Ore 16% chance
    - Aluminium Ore 8% chance
    - Chromium Ore 8% chance
    - Carbon 4% chance
    - Silicon 4% chance
  • ✅ Planet populations are now buying housing units and it counts towards their housing index.
    There are still a couple of issues to fix though. ~~Right now when they don't have at least 1 house per 4 population they will go into a money saving mode meaning they will only buy the 1 cheapest food and drink they can find. But they do that even if there's no housing units on the market at that planet, which is a problem, since then their happiness and health is lower due to their food variety and food rarity indexes suffer xD~~ Fixed, they don't save money if there's no housing units on the planet's market.
    ~~Also they don't save the money when putting up requests~~, and they're not requesting houses yet
  • ✅ Added the ability for the game to process resources that have non-divisible units ( Like housing units for example: 1x housing unit = 90 m3 of cargo space and you can't transfer around only half of it or any other decimal amount).
    Added Housing Units factory which you can build on all three planets. Next up adding the ability for the npc populations to actually buy houses and make it count towards their housing index.
  • ✅ Added Stainless Steel Mill, Composite Glass and Polymer factories! You can produce these on all three planets but Ayraat has better efficiencies, Evora has them at 100% and Scatos around 90% since it's a colder planet. Before adding Housing units factory next, I gotta sort out the way how non-divisible things are handled in your cargo hold (Since 1x Housing Unit will be taking up 90m3 of your cargo space and also because the housing unit isn't divisible to four decimal places like other current resources are)
  • ✅ Added 5 new factories to the game: Chromium mine, Aluminum mine, Iron mine, Silicon Refinery and Carbon Scrubbers. These all require no input resources. Two out of the three ores can be mined at each of the three planets while carbon scrubbers can be built on Ayraat and Scatos and Silicon refinery on Evora and tiny amount on Scatos. Will be adding the rest of the 4 new factories tomorrow so we can finally produce the housing units 😄
  • ☑ All the new population indexes that transfer when populations get hired/fired are now correctly getting transferred (happiness,health,housing and starve_index)
  • ☑ Fixed a division by zero bug in case there's just 1 single factory on the entire planet, which prevented the population indexes/money/worker numbers from getting updated.
  • Most of the population indexes can be found in your factory details
  • Basically what effects what and some details on that graph. But i'll do some more explaining later 😂 And there's no houses and luxuries yet but they're already effecting happiness and health xD There are still some details to be worked out, like transfering populations from factory to unemployment pool and vice versa doesn't transfer and average any of the new index values with them yet only starve index. Some housing effects on birth rate are less harsh right now so the pops don't die out as there's no housing units in teh game yet.
  • ✅ The new population simulation system is in the game and works like this:
  • ☑ I fixed the bug in planet low/high wages and therefore enabled the planet low/high log back so this now play a role in election ratings again.
  • ☑ Started updating the planet's npc population simulation. Some new indexes are already visible inside the factory managment details. Happiness is currently not working anymore as it did, only the lowest/highest wages bonuses are still getting counted onto the baseline 0 happiness right now in preparation for the new happiness formula. Food Variety is how many different foods/drinks the population aquired through buying or players selling to their requests. And food rarity is basically how the previous happiness points worked as the current rarity from all foods/drinks gets counted to it. Will explain in more detail later.
  • ✅ When populations are making requests there is now 40% chance they will skip request on a cheaper priced goods (except the cheapest one) in order to buy the next more expensively priced one if they have enough money to do so. This should make it so that their requests will be more randomly varied if there are multiple goods of the same type at similar prices on the market.

  • ✅ Population requests are updated again. They now requests all the food and drink items again. The big difference from before is that they won't request things they can't afford in a sense that selling a fraction of for example expensive Vodka to their request would mean they wouldn't be able to buy the rest of the water they need to fill their drinks consumption at the start of next cycle
  • ✅ You can now see resource's rarity rating for the current cycle on planet info. Only resources being bought by the populations have a rarity rating and it effects the happiness populations receive when they buy that certain resource (you can read more about how that works in the january's big economic update). Rarity rating is between 0-4, 0 is not considered rare (and no happiness bonus from buying it for the populations) and 4 being the rarest (no such resource is even for sale at this planet)
  • ☑ Population requests are back but they are very basic right now and are gonna be improved soon -> workers only request 1 cheapest resource of each consumption (one food and one drink) if they have money for it and they request it in full consumption amount (so that if that request gets filled fully the workers receive +1 starve index and the corresponding happiness based on rarity of the resource). They still request at a price that is randomly 1-15 % under the average market price on that planet.
  • after fix:
  • ☑ Fixed a bug where you couldn't edit for sale prices of your offers on the market screen when trading from your ship was selected.
  • 🏁 Population requests are currently disabled as I started working on that part of the code. Population buys still work normally.
  • ✅ Incoming changes to planet laws are now also displayed to the planet leader in their PL options:
  • ✅ Incoming changes to planet laws are now displayed on the planet info page so everyone can see the incoming law changes so that you have time to prepare for it.
  • ✅ Planet market page has been revamped. It now shows the correct prices after tax (and also showing base prices in brackets) and shows tax levels at the top. The page is now also 'built' in javascript and not in php like before, so modders can now very easily change the market page to their liking by editing the marketData javascript function. All the action messages are now displayed in the top left info box instead of at the top of the market page and Ship's cargo hold section has been moved to the top of the page for easier trading from your ship. There is still more things to do here like dynamically changing taxed prices when switching between trading from ship or one of your factories (because there's no import/export taxes for trading to/from your factory) and adding in sorting and search features but that will probably come somewhat later and not this month.
  • ✅ Sales taxes when selling to requests are now in the game! Seller pays the tax so he ends up getting less of money per the item he's selling that the listed price, I will adjust the priclists later to show you prices with sales/import/export prices already counted in but also original price. Also added in a check so you can't sell to requests from any location 😄
  • ✅ Import taxes now work when selling to the requests. The seller pays the import tax. That's all of the import taxes done now. Next I need to apply the sales tax to requests as well and that's gonna be all the currently planned taxes done.
  • ☑ Fixed a rare possible bug in log type 98 (possibly wrong amount when using more game tabs at once). And of course also added the amount of paid export/import tax to the 98 and 97 log types.
  • ✅ Import taxes when loading things from your ship into factory inventory are now working!
  • ✅ Planet leaders can now change import tax setting. (but the import taxes themselves aren't working yet)
  • ✅ Export tax when loading things from factory inventory onto your ship now works. The effective tax rates for all the resources are listed on the planet info page. So now every resource leaving the planet is export taxed (of course unless if there's no export tax set by the planet leader or there's no trading data for the resource you're exporting on that planet)
  • ✅ Planet leaders can now change export tax. And export tax now works when you buy stuff from the market onto your ship. The tax gets calculated from the listed market price multiplied by the export tax and that amount adds up to the current price. The export tax doesn't yet work for when you're loading cargo from factory inventory to your ship and that one will work differently by using the Import & Export effective tax prices listed on Planet Info.
  • ☑ Fixed a bug where some import and export taxing prices were showing as "No data. Not taxed!" even though there was data existing for them.
  • ✅ Planet info now has a new table where you can see what prices import and export taxes will use to calculate how much of that tax you need to pay. Import & Export tax prices are calculated from the average of the last 4 days of average trading prices and volume on that specific planet market. If one certain resource hasn't been traded on a planet in the last 4 days then last known 4-day-average price is counted. If the resource has never been traded on certain planet before then that resource will not be taxed as it's known price is effectively 0 and you will get a "No data. Not taxed!" state as seen in the screenshot bellow.
  • ☑ Fixed a bug where trades logged in player logs weren't getting added to the average prices because only factory logs were getting checked.
  • ✅ Added a Warehouse factory type into the game. You can't employ any workers in it and it isn't producing anything. *(The 'Storage Space' resource was added in order to make the warehouse work and act as other factories do without having to code exceptions or additions into large amounts of code to make it work. You can't actually produce this resource or use it anywhere as it's like just a placeholder to make this factory type work)*. Warehouse's only purpose is free storage in case other factory slots are all filled up or there are not enough unemployed for you to be able to open any factory and then disband workers to use it as storage, so every captain has a chance to get one of these for free and without having to wait for anything. I am adding this now because people will also want to use these to trade with the planet market without trading through their ship in order to avoid get taxed by incoming import/export taxes that will get added soon.
  • ☑ Fixed a bug that prevented final factory disbanding when there are no unemployed populations on the planet due to division with zero error occuring in that special case.
  • ✅ For a week now everyday a little bit after midnight the game calculates volume and average prices of all the trading that's being done in the game for that day (from logs) and saves it into a special new table.

    You can now view yesterday's trading average prices and volume traded on Planet Info (for all resources and planets). It will be changed eventually so you can see the average prices in a graph for bigger time spans. This data will be used to get average prices for import & export taxes that are getting added into the game next and will probably be very useful to traders.
  • ☑ Registering and password reseting through email didn't actually work since I reinstalled the server in late April and now works again
  • 🐛 Lowest and Highest wages logs have an issue and were currently disabled because they were causing that no cycle logs were getting written to the database. Fix incoming.
  • ✅ Fixed a bad bug where not enough resources were getting substracted from market offer after population buying things from market. Aloe Vera stockpiles should now actually start to get used up xD
  • ✅ To prevent abuse of planet leader towards factory owners or other entities planet law changes now take 12 hours to come into effect. Planet leader has 10 minutes of time to edit the law again incase he made a mistake but after that he will have to wait for the law to come into effect before being able to change it again. Factory owners will also get a notifications about the upcoming law change as well (not in the game yet atm though)
  • ✅ Planet leaders can now pay welfare support to unemployed from the planet fund! (the welfare itself isn't taxed like wages are (income tax))
  • ✅ Income tax and sales tax are now in the game and planet leader can change them in the planet leader options. Income tax taxes the planetary populations wages (so workers will now get wage*amount of workers - (wage* amount of workers * income tax) )
    And sales tax taxes the sellers on Planet Market (amount*price - (amount*price*tax)). Sales tax for Requested items isn't working yet but it works for For sale items!
  • ✅ Added planet leader options button (on the planet info) that leads to a new page where planet leader will be able to edit different planetary settings and see how much funds their government has.
  • ✅ Elections code is now in the game and working so tonight's first elections should run smoothly! As expected captain with the highest rating will win elections to become planet leader for 15 days when next election will occur. If there are no participants in an election then the planet will become leaderless and next elections are scheduled for 2 days later instead of 15. Same will happen if a planet leader steps down from their position ->new elections will occur after 2 days (that option not in the game yet atm).
  • ☑ Fixed another bug in populations buying code that made the workers not buy anything under certain conditions even though they had enough money to buy the cheapest possible items.
  • ☑ Upgraded cargo holds from 200 to 270 for everyone. Also while doing that I made a mistake 😮 and accidentally set everyone's cargo hold contents to 270 instead at first so some people currently have like 540 resources in their 270 cargo hold 😂 Whoops. enjoy
  • The new Scatos planet has now been colonized with 1000 people with starve index 100, taken from Evora.
  • ✅ Added third planet's trading post and planet boards! The planet is named Scatos. Currently it has the same factories as Ayraat. You can already join it's elections as well.
  • ✅ You can now enter(and leave) planet elections 2 days before an scheduled election. Since elections are scheduled for tomorrow at 22:00 (brittish time) you can already join them on all planets. You can only join elections on your homeworld planet (currently you can still instantly change it and I'll leave it like that untill after elections). Captains that already joined elections are displayed as well, currently not in winning order.
  • ☑ Fixed another bug in the populations buying code that caused the populations to not buy anything when they had the very same amount of money than they needed to buy the cheapest possible food/drink. This is what caused the small factories to regularly drop starve index by -2 as it was like they ran out of money except they didn't but had exactly the same amount of money than they needed (and not at least 1$ more).
  • ☑ Fixed a bug where fully filling certain population requests didn't count the amount filled correctly due to fraction data not getting correctly added up when writting requests into the database. That caused population starve indexes dropping or staying the same when filling their requests when it should actually stay the same or get increased. Shoutout to for pointing these latest bugs out! Big thank you!
  • ☑️Changed the way populations get +1 or -1 starve rating (or +0) from each consumption need. Before if you filled any drinks and any foods to populations request then their starve index would remain the same. From now on you must fill at least half of their consumption needs through requests to not get a -1 to the starve index and instead get +0. And to get +1 to the starve index the consumption must be filled fully (that's the same as it was until now).
  • ☑️Fixed a bug where fully filling certain population requests didn't count the amount filled correctly due to fraction data not getting correctly added up when writting requests into the database. That caused population starve indexes dropping or staying the same when filling their requests when it should actually stay the same or get increased. Shoutout to @Eliott for pointing these latest bugs out! Big thank you!
  • ☑️Fixed two bugs in cycle code yesterday. One where output permissions didn't work correctly for newer factories. And other where market for sale offers with same prices weren't getting it's order randomized correctly which ended up in the offer that is being displayed in the planet market on top always being the first seller -> ending up in getting majority of sales when planetary populations were buying things.
  • ☑️Fixed a bug in requests where requests that were put up by factory owners were counted as population requests at the start of the cycle and ended up sending the value of that request to factory workers money without cancelling the request (only for food/drinks resources). Which in the last few days ended adding up to 5 million money per cycle into the game instead of only about 140k which is 100$ per every newborn.
  • ☑️Fixed this bug where transfering cargo from factories to the ship ended up transfering for a few decimals of cargo over the Ship's cargo limit. It only happened if you already had some cargohold on the ship and the taken space looked like x.000y but not bigger than x.5 and the amount you were transfering would end up over the ship's cargo limit of 200.
    planet rating
  • ✅ When you trade from your factories on the planet market the buy and sell amounts will be set to their limits instead of the remaining ship cargo like it was now.
    planet rating
  • ✅You can now see your planet rating but only on your homeworld.
    planet rating
  • Clicking on Open Rating Breakdown will open up a very detailed list of which things added up to the total rating:
    planet rating
  • I've had to modify some of the ratings that were too overpowered to balance things out a little, so I'll be releasing more information about the numbers behind this system. But all of the ratings are combined from two things though, ratings from the last 15 days count 100% on your total score and older things in the last 15-30 days count only 30% towards the total score. So the last 30 days before the election are taken into account for the score but last 15 days are more important.
  • ✅I have added all of the factory and trading related election rating counters into the game, so the game is already logging everything that will be affecting planet elections.(except influencing actions that I'll be adding later when we have planet leaders already). So you will be able to win election through being a reputable factory owner with a lot of happy employees or through trading a lot. Here is a list of everything that is affecting election ratings at the moment(green is already implemented and others will be implemented after elections (and the best wage in the galaxy will be implemented when I add another solar system with colonizable planets into the game)
    All of these election rating counters were added in the form of factory logs, so there are now new factory logs you will have in your factories. Here are most of them on these screenshots:
  • ✅Your factories workers now get extra 30 happiness if the factory has the highest wage on/in the planet and/or system. They also get -30 happiness if the factory has the lowest wage on/in the planet and/or system. All of the factories that have lowest/highest wage get this reward/penalty not just one of them.
  • When your workers are starving on a certain cycle (when they can't buy any food/drink that round and their starve index is decreased by 2) they now get -50 unhappiness on that cycle which decreases production capacity by 5%.
    Do you think the penalty should be bigger? Though I think since I am now logging how much happiness workers have every cycle I could switch to a system where workers happiness is an average of certain number of previous cycle happinesses and then also add in rioting and stealing of factory inventory when workers are unhappy for longer periods of time.
  • ☑️Added instant jump button "J" to the coordinate box as well:
  • ☑️Styled the right Side Hud UI a little bit. Made buttons all the same length.
  • ✅Added homeworld mechanic! It will be used in the upcoming elections update as you'll only be able to run for president on the planet you have your homeworld set to. You can see your homeworld on your Captain Profile as well as homeworlds of other captains on their captain profile page. You can change your homeworld by going to Planet Info of the planet you want to change to where you'll find a button "Initiate homeworld change". Temporarily the homeworld change is instant and you have a couple of days to change it to the planet of your liking but after 10th April it will take 15 days (elections will also happen every 15 days) to change your homeworld. New players will get randomly assigned homeworld at the moment.
  • ☑️The recently added Trade From option(that enables you to trade from your factories) in the planet market now remembers whatever you set it to. So you don't have to keep setting it to a certain factory after each click on the sell or buy button. It only remembers what you set it to *when* clicking Buy or Sell though.
  • ✅Added log out button
  • ✅Added the ability to trade on the planet market with your factory! On top of the market page I added a dropdown box (by default set to Ship) to select if you want to trade from your ship or from one of your factories. If you select one of your factories then buying will use factory's money fund and store the bought resources directly into factory inventory and when selling it will sell the resources from the factory inventory and money will go directly into factory's money fund. I restricted the amount you can sell at once to 500 resources at a time and you can only buy 1000 at a time with the factory. This is so that selling to big factory workers requests from the factory won't have too big of an advantage than if you'd have sell from the ship (or rather so that people can more fairly compete to sell to nice workers requests in the future as they'll have to do multiple clicks, allowing other players to get a chance at selling as well)
  • ✅Asteroid orbiting is now in the game as a solution to the problem where there aren't any asteroids near the planets anymore because players are only mining close to the planets right now since there's no starbases yet.
    Every cycle (10 minutes) the game will move 271 random asteroids (the database actually selects the ones with lowest id) that weren't yet moved in the last two days! Which means each of the 8130 asteroids in the game will get moved once exactly every 5 hours, except the asteroids that just spawned and aren't more than 5 hours old yet. (at first I wanted all the asteroids to move every two days but I realized at that rate it would take more than 5 real years for them to do one orbit around the sun. By my probably not very accurate calculations even with them moving every 5 hours for a grid it will take one year and 9 months for them to do a full orbit around the sun for the roids orbiting at the distance where the current roid belt between Ayraat and Evora is)
    They are orbiting clockwise at a speed where they will mostly only move by 1 grid except some asteroids that are very far away from their orbit centres that might move by more than just 1 grid but probably not more than 2. Asteroids are forced to always move at least 1 grid away else some asteroids would be stuck forever due to rounding errors. Orbiting code also does radius distance corrections else the asteroids would probably disperse out radially, again due to rounding errors.
    If there is another object where asteroid wants to move it won't collide but the code will try to move the asteroid further ahead (could be exploited by factions to move asteroids faster)
  • ✅Made the Invite and Message buttons on Captain Profile pages work.
  • ✅Description editing on your captain profile is now enabled through a Description Edit button on your profile. I also removed Invite and Message button on your own captain profile as well as added a link to your profile on the right side panel:

  • ✅Added a new setting Hide Text Grid on Width. Default is 32. This settings determines at which grid width the coordinate text inside the object grids will stop displaying. To never see the coordinate text set it to something like over 200(I doubt you'll ever zoom in so much)
  • ✅Added Faction logs and all the possible faction actions into them. Some logs will only display to users who have correct permission for it and correct position or group in some cases. So for example logs of someone posting a new reply on group 5 only faction boards category will only be visible for the people in that group as well. And if you don't have permission to invite people to your faction you won't be able to see invite related logs.
  • ✅Added permission for editing faction titles (so now there's a "title" permission which is used for assigning existing titles and "title edit" permission which is only for editing the custom titles. Also fixed 2 minor interface bugs on the permission page.
  • ✅Captains now get a notification when they receive a faction invite.
  • ☑️Fixed a bug where kicking a faction member deleted your faction own permissions instead of theirs.
  • ✅Faction Search now works.
  • ✅Added captain search to message writing form. Click on the blue name suggestions to get it into the Captain text field.
  • ✅Added links to Captain Profiles on the faction profile and my faction pages.
  • ✅ Added top 10 largest factions to Search Page and to homepage
  • ✅Added a search page where you can search captains and factions and you see New players, top 10 richest and Newest factions (And there will also be top 10 biggest factions displayed on that page). Clicking on the captains or factions will open up the respective profile page. Faction Search doesn't work yet, but all the 4 factions that exists in the game are displayed under Newest Factions anyways.
  • ✅Added Captain Profile Pages!
  • ✅Added Faction Profile Pages!
  • ✅Added Factory inventory dumping! You also get a confirmation popup. (along with slight visual tweak of the Factory Inventory form and there's also a new factory log for this action #92 ). You can only dump while at the factory's planet.
  • ✅You can now see in which faction the players you click on are and their title in that faction.
  • ✅You can now disband factions (only position 1 captains) which will delete all faction boards posts, permissions,titles, invites and kick it's members out. Main faction data will remain and you will be able to get back into this faction by founding a new faction with the same name (to be implemented next)
    There's no confirmation for this action atm so be careful not to click the red button by accident :stuck_out_tongue:
  • ✅You now can't leave the faction as the only remaining Position 1 captain anymore. You must first give position 1 to someone else or disband the faction.
  • ✅Fixed bug #14. I have now added a "Game Loading" message div which will go away when all the planet pictures get loaded. Since planet pictures stay saved in your browser cache you will only see this message the first time you log into the game as the game loads pretty much instantly afterwards.
  • ✅Faction Boards implemented! You can create new categories that have position and group permissions (leave them at 0 for everyone to be able to access that board). Until I put in special faction boards editing permission, position 1 captains can create boards and position 1 and 2 captains can edit the boards (that includes deleting boards, posts and individual replies).

    With this update I consider the factions update complete 🏁 (though I will also put in Faction Disband option along wtih some other minor tweaks before moving on to implement features next in line on the short term plan)
    Edit interface:
  • ✅Faction Message All implemented yesterday.
  • ✅You can now assign titles to faction members and add/edit custom titles in the Faction Member page. Titles also have an importance setting which is basically positions for titles and serves the purpose that someone with title permission can't assign/edit titles of higher importance than his own title to other people (Just a security measure independent of positions ). You can't delete the titles yet as I first need to add default title setting that player's who join the faction will get.
  • ✅Last week I already added changing of faction information and description, member position and group editing and invite canceling and leaving the factory button (and group separation displaying on the faction members list).
    And today I sorted out member permission editing and the permissions also work where applicable now. Also added member kicking.
    The other two remaining faction features I'll be trying to implement tomorrow are custom title adding/editing and faction boards.
  • ✅Newly registered players now get a "born" date logged which will be later displayed on your Captain profile as the time of when you started playing the game. All the currently registered players got assigned the date of 1st February 2019 except for two players that I know joined a few days after that. Maybe I'll go assign more accurate born dates for some of the captains that I know around what actual date they registered later. (You can't actually see these yet as there's no captain search and captain profile pages yet but those will be added in march somewhen )
  • ✅Started working on factions! Added faction creation, invite creation and invite accepting (joining a faction). You can access these features through the new My Faction button on the right panel. Other faction features are incoming in the next few days.
  • ✅Added planet boards! These are like local forums you can access only when you visit each individual planet. You can use it to post trade deals, asteroid locations and any other ingame related stuff :). It's been coded in a way that will also function as faction boards later when I add factions (of course those will be accessed from faction pages). I still have to add paging to it, but I think I'll do that later after I implement factions.
  • ✅Added paging to the Received and Sent messages. It is also smart enough that when you open up a message on for example page 3 and then go back and click Received/Sent, it will go back to page 3 and not 1 :wink: Currently it displays 20 messages per page but I'll probably make that variable settable in the settings, thoughts?
  • ✅Added ingame message system! There's a new button in the right panel to get to the messages page named "Messages". Inside You have 3 sections: Write, Received and Sent, with the form for writting new messages opening up by default. Received and Sent pages display a list of messages you received and sent and clicking their title will open up each individual message. Messages you haven't opened up yet are marked with NEW! and message you sent which haven't been opened yet are marked with unread. You get logs for sent and received messages and you also get a notification for received messages. The only remaining feature I plan to add in shortly is the paging of the messages.
  • ✅Added Cargo Dumping Confirmation popup
  • ✅Added Factory Disband Confirmation popup! Also to differentiate the two different disband options (and make them clearer) I changed the disband button text into "Stop production - fire all workers" when you have employed workers (you will get no confirmation for this action) but when you already have zero workers the button text will be "Disband" like before this update and clicking on that one will open up the confirmation popup.
  • I added a new Settings page to which you get throught the new "Settings" button in the right side panel and on that new page you have two settings for now but many more personalization settings will come in the future.
    For now you can turn grid net on or off and you can set at what grid width the grid net will dissapear when zooming out, currently set default to 17 (example: if you set it to 1 pixel your grid net will be displayed even when you zoom out so far to see the whole solar system)
  • Zooming in/out is now properly done -> it's zooming where your mouse points and not at the center of the screen. Fixed some other issues as well like game crashing if you zoomed out very far out and then tried to drag the map.
  • ✅Reworked asteroid generation system! I deleted all the old asteroids and spawned in 8130 new asteroids with the new distribution. Asteroids are now divided into 6 specific groups. I added in an asteroid belt going around the sun and between the planets of Ayraat and Evora. You can see what group the scanned asteroid belongs to:
    Additional notes: Roids in the two system groups come in all sizes just like before, while the Outer Rim, Evora and Ayraat groups contain roids of max 500 m3 size. And the Inner Rim AE roids contain only asteroids to max size 99 m3.

    You can see how the new asteroid distribution looks like and the number, names and radiuses of the new asteroid groups on this infographic:
  • ✅I worked some more on the map engine and you can now zoom out indefinitely and then zoom back in without anything getting messed up. Planet pictures are now centered on their center coordinates and due to new zooming recode they won't get offset from their true coordinates anymore no matter how much you zoom out/in. I'll be able to display all the solar systems on this same map later when there's more planets and solar systems added and probably also a zoom slider will get added onto the hud (or at least a button with a system level zoom for quick rezooming).
  • ✅Today I implemented a solution that allows lagg free map dragging even when you zoom out really far! (and lagg free zooming out/in as well!) Big thanks to @xhawk87 for providing the code for the css grid pattern. You can now zoom out all the way to see all 3 planets and the sun! When you zoom out under grid width of 20px, the grid net and coordinates dissapear so it's not too clutered. I also fixed a bug which caused the planet background picture to shift away from the planet outpost and other objects parked around the planet (there might still be some tiny discrepancy but not anywhere as much as before). Zooming in/out also stays a little bit more centered now.
  • Fixed a bug that caused factory logs to not get written to database on cycles where any factory used two different items from their own inventory to do production. (But everything else still worked normally, you just didn't get any factory logs on those cycles.)
    It's possible that you had an unread Notification button pop up but upon clicking it the notification page was empty -> Just click Mark all as read to fix that.
  • ☑️Fixed bug #13 where you'd have resources with 0 amounts left in factory inventory after production cycle
  • ✅Notifications added! These are basically only urgent factory events for now (as there isn't a catastrophic player event yet(like someone attacking you)). They are basically logs and display the same as logs.
  • ✅notification button will only appear if there is a pending notification that you haven't dismissed yet. And it will flash in red:
  • ✅Fixed bug #13 where you'd have resources with 0 amounts left in factory inventory after production cycle
  • ✅Notifications added! These are basically only urgent factory events for now (as there isn't a catastrophic player event yet(like someone attacking you)). They are basically logs and display the same as logs.
  • ✅Player logs now have advanced search features in it. You can display specific types of logs, select amount of up to 500 and go back to earlier logs with pages. There will probably be some more work done on this.
  • ✅Factory logs now also have advanced search features in them!
  • ✅ Game is now logging all of your actions. I will prepare a cheat/wiki sheet of all the existing types of logs and add it onto tutorial page. Let me know if you think of something else I could be logging.
  • Trying to transfer stuff from factory to your ship in bigger amount than your free cargo hold space now won't throw you an error anymore... But will instead transfer an amount that will fill your ship cargo hold and only display a warning:
  • Adjusted the money population newborns get from 20$ to the original 100$, because of the current economy where there's a lot less population and therefore a lot less fresh money printed into the game.
  • Added mining logs! You can see them in player Logs (Logs button on the right hud panel)
  • Pricelists added. You can now view market information of both planets from anywhere by clicking on the new Pricelists button on the right side panel. It's very basic atm and not interactive, it will be changed when I redesign the planet market page with sorting and search and other interactive functions.
  • Canceling sales now takes into account the amount you want to cancel. So instead of canceling everything like before, you can cancel the exact amount you wish to cancel now. Picture bellow will only return 2x Water back to factory storage.
  • When Putting up a factory request on planet market, you will now get confirmation about it in the top left window instead of closing the factory page and displaying it on the middle window.
    When Putting up a factory request on planet market, you will now get confirmation about it in the top left window instead of closing the factory page and displaying it on the middle window.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed you to create a negatively priced factory request.
  • Canceling requests now takes into account the amount you want to cancel instead of cancelling the whole request! On the picture bellow only 20x Ice will be removed from request:
  • Moving around with your ship now get's logged and is accessible on the player Logs(Logs button on the right hud panel). (Ship ids are identical to your captain id atm (since we can't have more than one ship yet))
  • Fixed bug #11! Total Cycle Output field on My Factory page now takes into account planetary efficiencies. But it doesn't take into account last happiness levels of your workers so actual output might still be up to 4% higher.
  • Fixed bug #4! There's a code in place now that checks if there's anything on the random coordinates newbies spawn at (-20 to 20 x and y ) and move the ship into new empty coordinates.
  • Fixed bug #9! The map is now updated after you click mine on an asteroid, so the asteroid now disapears when you fully mine it.
  • Fixed bug #10! Clicking Disband now cancels all requests of the factory as well as the requests of the workers and returns the money to workers(which are then fired ) and to factory money fund.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking Disband in my factory page (while you still had workers working in the factory) would "return" the Factory's money to your captains fund WITHOUT deleting the factory's money, thus creating money out of thin air. Money now automatically gets returned to captains fund from factory only when you click disband while having 0 workers (thus deleting your factory for good).
  • Fixed a bug where worker's money was being returned into the wrong place in the database and thus the unemployment population had less money than they should which probably helped a lot more people die xD
  • Fixed a bug where you were able to put things for sale and buy them with a negative price
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't cancel,edit or buy market offers that had a price higher than quadrillion (Maximum supported price is now therefore 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 )
  • Sorted out money and worker number statistics that I'm logging and maybe i'll display some on the planet infos soon (like a population number graph)
  • Since factories now also have their own money accounts which made it harder to track how much money you actually have together: I added 3 new money "statistics" on your right side HUD displaying how much money you have in your factories, your factories requests and total money.
  • I have removed cargo hold button and added the ability to dump the ship's cargo in the Factory Storage page. And the button was renamed into Inventory. Ship's cargo also now shows on top of that page, for easier transferring into factories and because atm normally factory inventory is much longer than your ship's cargo.
  • Added happiness of your worker's in My Factory page. (The happiness during the last cycle )
  • Fixed a bug where newborns weren't getting added to unemployed population group, causing the big population decline in last two days (along with big starvations)
  • Fixed the interface issue on planet market requests where interface would allow you to cancel or change price of requests from your factory's workers (You couldn't actually since it would throw an error if you tried). Now the cancel buttons doesn't show anymore and requests of your factory's workers are in a different black blue background colours with some transparency so that those who wish to sell stuff to their workers requests can find them more easy. See screenshot:
  • Fixed highlight background colour which was grey-black-ish and transparent so it looked like you were not selecting anything...
  • When hiring/firing workers in my factory, factory is now automatically resized if you're hiring more workers that the currentsize of factory supports or when firing them the new number is lower than the minimum requirement per size. So there's no need to play around with having to adjust size manually while firing/hiring anymore, but the option is still there incase someone wants to reserve factory slots for future growth of their factory (or simply wants to block others from using them xD )
  • Big economic update is here!

    This is a long full changes post:

  • Each cycle items consumed by the planet populations are categorized into common items and rare items (levels 1-4) on each of the planets separately. First the most abundant and cheapest item for every consumption category (foods, drinks) is found and then other items are compared to determine which is rare. An item is given one level of rarity for each of these conditions:
    -if sum amount of the item for sale on this planet's market is less than consumption amount( of the particular consumption category item belongs to (foods or drinks..)) for all of the planet's population together
    -if sum amount of the item for sale on this planet's market is less than 10% of the sum amount of cheapest abundant item ( of the particular consumption category item belongs to (foods or drinks..)) (but if the sum amount of the cheapest abundant item of the category is more than the particular category's total consumption need of the entire planet's population than the total consumption is compared )
    -if item's average market price is 5 times more expensive than average price of the cheapest most abundant common item on this planet (average price calculation only includes cheapest for sale items that sum up to at least half of the entire planet's consumption need of the particular category)
    -finally if there's none of an item that otherwise exists in the game on this planet's market, the item is giving top rarity level 4 (other conditions don't apply in this case - are non calculatable)
  • Planetary populations now have one more consumption need to fill for them to survive and this category is drinks! (aside from existing foods).
    Currently only water is in that category but I will be adding aloe vera juice factories and vodka factories soon.
    If both drinks and foods consumption needs are met then population is given +2 on the starve index, if only one: 0, and if none: -2.

  • Planetary populations now also request items on the planet market!
    Here's how requesting works (first item rarity is determined):
    -Populations will first request an amount that is 60% of the total consumption of the category on one cheapest abundant item they can find on the market (usually a common item and not a rare one))
    -then if they still have enough money they will request an amount that is 25% of the total category consumption need on one non-rare item
    -then they will request other rare items ( in amount of 20% of the category's consumption needed) until they still have enough money (they can request more than what their consumption need is if they have enough money)
    -if their consumption is not filled yet (from either not having enough money to request rare items or due to there not being enough rare items available in the game for that category) they will request more of the cheapest common items (if they don't have any money left they will request it at the lowest price they can still afford to pay or at 0$)
    -all the prices of requests are determined by what each item's cheapest prices on the market are and then they are undercut randomly from 2-15%
    -if an item doesn't exist on the planet then other planet's markets are checked to determine what price of an item is and if there's none of the item for sale anywhere in the galaxy (but it can be produced) then they will try to set the price to be 30% of their wage per amount they're trying to buy (so as you can see potatoes are currently extremely pricely requested because of this)

  • Overhaul of population buys

    So at the end of each cycle populations put out requests to be filled and if their food and drink consumption isn't filled by captains selling to those they then buy remaining from the planet's market at the start of each cycle.

    Before this update they would all simply buy the cheapest foods from the cheapest market offer that was available from the market but now everything is different. -factories and market offers are randomly shuffled before this code starts so that factories with lower ID aren't always buying first and that factories/captains with lower IDs don't have advantage of all the populations buying from them first (like if two factories have an item for sale at the same price)

    -first requests put out by populations at the end of previous cycle are counted to see how much more they have to buy to fill the consumptions
    -then they check if they have enough money to buy the cheapest things from the market (same way they were buying before update). If they don't have enough money for one category then they won't buy anything from that category and they will have more money available for other categories that get checked next. Consumption Categories are prioritized (First drinks are checked and then foods)
    -if they still got money left over they will start planning their buy and will first try to reserve common items (non-rare) in an amount that is half of the remaining amount to fill the consumption need. They are also diversifying their buy and buy in an amount of 0.1 of the remaining amount to fill the consumption need, but only in the market offers that are not more than 15% more expensive than the cheapest one.(so normally they'd buy 5 times from the 5 cheapest market offers )
    -if they still have leftover money they will next try to reserve rare only items. This time they try to reserve in an amount of 0.34 of 0.1 of the total category's consumption need (so normally they try to buy each of the rare items available (untill they fill the consumption need) from 3 different cheapest for sale offers )
    -if consumption is still left unfilled they do a third reserving where they attempt to get the very cheapest item of that consumption need
    -if what they reserved so far still has them enough money they then actually buy everything, else they replace the most expensive rare buys with cheapest buys

  • Added Logs button on the right side panel where you can currently only see logs of sales planet populations bought from you atm but you will be able to see all of the captain related logs there in the future.
  • All of the population buys will give factories and captains a log in their factory/player logs.
  • Fixed how planetary specific efficiencies work on production. So if an ice refinery has 130% production efficiency on Ayraat, that means that not only will factory output be 130% more but also factory input! So you won't be creating water out of nothing but instead factory efficiency means you can make more resources per each worker!
  • Added Happiness index to planet populations

    Each factory has a happiness index now (I still need to display this inside the factory).
    Happiness adds bonus efficiency to your factory production.
    The happiness index is recalculated every cycle after populations buying code and is affected by how much of their consumption needs got filled and how many and of what level rare items they bought in an amount of at least 0.1 of the total category's consumption.

    More details on how happiness gets calculated:

    - they get 10 base happiness for every fulfilled consumption
    - 1 happiness for every different item they bought
    - 1-4 happiness for every rare item depending on their rarity level
    - if any of the required consumptions wasn't filled then only base happiness gets counted and rarity and different item bonuses don't count
    - Happiness effects factory production by increasing efficiency by (happiness / 10) percent added on top of natural planetary efficiency bonuses
    (an example: When you check your production logs and it says 119% efficiency in an Ice Refinery on Evora, you got 115% from planetary bonuses(check My factory creation page to see planet specific efficiencies) and the other 4% increase came from Your worker's Happiness index being over 40 last cycle.)

  • Factory money account system added

    Before the update all of your factories were using your personal captain money account to run their business: pay worker wages, fund market requests and factory sales money went back to your captain's money account.

    Now factories have their own money fund. You can view it within My factory page by clicking on factory's name. I also added ability to send money between your factory and your personal captain money account:

    So from now own wages will be paid from factory's money account and requests funded from it and any money from sales factory makes will go back to that fund. If factory doesn't have enough money to pay it's wages to workers, they will leave the factory.

    The reason for this change is that running a factory will be more similar to running a business in real life and also because later I will be adding taxes in the game, so factories need to have their own money fund and money in/out flow to determine their profit and tax them.

  • Factory creation form now has a capital field, where you put in how much money you want to put into the factory fund (from your captain's money ) when you create it. I also removed the size field because factory size is now automatically assigned according to how many workers you're wanting to employ.

  • Minimum workers required per factory size are now enforced!

    This change means that if some of your factory workers starve and you now have less workers than the minimum needed per factory size: The factory will automatically be resized and thus opening planetary factory slots for other players who wish to create factories.
    Furthermore if your workers number drops bellow minimum requirement for size 1, the rest of your workers will leave the factory and factory will be resized to 0.
    -I added a fix yesterday that when both your factory workers and size are at 0, you write in how many workers you want to hire and factory will be resized to 1. And then you can continue hiring/resizing just like you could before this change.

  • Changed Planet Info to show averaged stats of the whole planet's population, employed and unemployed.

  • Added These Factories: Potato farm, Aloe Vera Juice Factory and Vodka distillery
    And these produce 3 new resources: potatoes, aloe vera juice and vodka

  • Changed Planetary Slots on Factory creation page from taken/total to Available / total
  • You can now see Factory's money displayed on the My Factory page. This is will be needed after the big incoming update and just shows $0 at the moment on the production server since factories don't have their own separate money yet but will after the update so we can treat each factory as it's own business.
  • Wormholes are now randomly respawning for a random amount of time (10 minute to 6 hours). They only dissapear/spawn every 10 minute because the code is running within the each cycle code for now. I've tweaked it so that one end of the wormhole is randomly spawned somewhere between -500 to 500 x and y and the other end of the wormhole between -1000, 1000 and there are 5 wormholes at any given time now (instead of originally planned 3), to make it more likely for a wormhole to benear one of the planets and therefore useful at the moment. (basically how it works in the code is that there are 5 wormholes with creation and expiration times and when they expire, that wormhole closes, new coordinates are randomly selected and new expiration time and the wormhole is reopened with those new settings) There's no way to know where the wormhole leads to or how long it'll stay open. Probably I will eventually make wormholes scannable to figure out how stable the wormhole is to figure out if it's close to being closed.
  • Added Wormholes! Wormholes connect two fixed points in space and you can travel back and forth between these two points for only 10 turns. For now there will be 4 unstable wormholes spawning between two random points between -1000 and 1000 on both x and y coordinates. The amount of time they will be opened will also be random between 10 minutes up to 6 hours. When one is closed another random one will be spawned immediately (so there will always be 3 wormholes currently). They will be opened/closed during cycle executions for now.
    When you get to the wormhole an option to jump through it will pop up from the bottom. If there are two wormholes next to each other you will get to select through which one you'll be jumping (as demonstrated on the video bellow). If the wormhole is blocked by 8 ships on the other end of it then you won't be able to jump through (this will be changed at a later point). There is no way to know where the wormhole connects to until you actually jump through to find out. There are currently two wormholes opened for testing before I implement randomly generated ones: First one between 260,120 and 60,78 and second one between 51,30 and 262,120
  • In Factory Storage transfer dropdown menus only the factories of the same planet (or if transferring from ship cargo hold - factories on the planet you're parked at) will now be displayed, instead of all the factories you own. Thank you XHawk87 for pointing this out.
  • New mining turns info added to the asteroid mining screen. Under the Mine button you now have displayed how many turns you will be using when clicking the Mine button. It calculates how many free cargo space you have compared to the roid size and gives you the turn usage for that.
  • Ohh btw the navigation point names are restricted to 14 characters for the sake of fitting them into the navigation box. Might be changed later with interface changes. Also fixed a small bug they had today.
  • Added custom navigation points! Clicking on the new button "Save" on the coordinate box will open a dialog box where you write in the name of your nav point and then it will create a new Navigation Point under the pre-existing planet navigation points. Clicking the X next to the custom nav point will remove it. It gets saved into the database so they will be there after you relog into the game next time. If you save a coordinate you already have, it will overwrite a new name onto it.
  • Fixed the bug #6! So setting your offer or requests to the same price of your other request/offer from the same factory will now merge them together!
  • Fixed Bug #12 as well. (When you create new factory your workers get starve index 0 instead of the starve index of the unemployed workers.)
  • You can now change request prices(of your factory requests) on the planet market.
  • Fixed a small bug that displayed input resources on factory creation wrongly. (Discovered on development server and, by coincidentally matching data, didn't actually displayed anything wrong in the actual game, but would in the future)
  • You can now see how many turns you need to get to the grid you left click on.
    For some reason I had turns per grid set to 4 in the back end while info box was telling us we spent 5 turns per grid. I set that back to 5 turns per grid, so you will be spending a little more turns moving around now, but having correctly displayed how many turns you spend.
  • When you left click on a grid a big arrow will display pointing from the direction of your ship location to the clicked location. Also when You use the navigation buttons or coordinate box, it will also display the arrow pointing to the grid you want to go to. Using for example Planet Evora button points to the main planet outpost:
  • Updated factory creation page. Remaining planetary slots are now displayed instead of just total slots of the planet. I also removed the default factory names and made it blank for you to fill. You will get an alert if you forget to write it in and then it will focus on the name field. Refresh the game for alert and focus functionality.
  • The location display box now saves your location into database. So next time you login it will be the same as when you logged out :D
  • A little cosmetic update: Made some fields in My factory management "dynamic". What I mean is that if there's an error while setting new factory size for example, the size you wanted to set will turn back into the actual factory size. Changed it for workers and size boxes because other fields will only give you error only if you write invalid number like negatives in.

    I also removed the unneeded buttons in the error messages that were left behind from before I changed the error messages to be displayed in their own containers.
  • Planet's trade market buy amounts on For Sale list are now automatically filled with whatever free cargo space you have left instead of the 200! Convenient! :)
  • Fixed a rounding error bug in starve indexes that were preventing planetary unemployed populations from going under -1 starve index and set starve indexes of unemployed to -150. This means that the 1 million unemployed population on Evora will pretty quickly die off and then start to settle in at about 100k and maybe frow back a little.
  • Fixed the factory resizing not checking the planetary slots limit for that type of factories.
    You will now get this message if this check activates:
    (in this case I tried to resize the factory for more than 3 sizes but there were only 3 slots left to be filled)
    Planet leaders will have the ability to govern the amount of slots each player can take. Maybe as a means to prevent monopolies or people taking up all the slots while employing only a couple workers. Or maybe even have the people pay to reserve a certain amount of slots. we'll see. but there should be plenty of options for the planet leader. Just so he can have some more power.
  • Updated the Tutorial with up to date info. Added an asteroid section. Probably made something even more confusing xD
  • Now when people are born and added to the unemployment population their starving index is 50 and that then get's averaged with the unemployed people's current starving index. Before the new people were added to the unemployed pool without affecting the starving index of the unemployed
  • I added a Set button to the Coordinate display box. This button will save your current location into the coordinate box. So now when you find an asteroid and you're planning to come back to it you can just click Set instead of manually writing in the coordinates :D
    The set coordinates do not get saved into the database, so next time you login or if you click Your location (which refreshes the webpage) the set coords are gone.
  • Small balancing update: Wheat farms water input has been lowered from 2 to 1.5 per worker per cycle
  • Fixed Select Factory field (on Factory Storage screen) being stretched too much if you have a long factory name, forcing the Select field into a new line.
  • Continuing with minor interface updates to make playability better: I added transfer to factory Option onto the Planet market's ship's cargo hold interface.
  • Your filled cargo space of your ship and maximum amount of cargo space is now shown everywhere where your Ship's Cargo Hold is displayed. It also show how much of your remaining cargo space is empty. Example: ( 10.200 / 200 ) ( Empty: 189.8 )
  • Added Unemployed population number to the Factory Creation Area so you don't have to go to planet info to check, how many people there are actually available for hire. Also expanded the financial warning about building factories, painted it ORANGE RED and made the text smaller.
  • I added two more statistic information about planet population on planet info screen. Total wealth of unemployed and unemployed starving index.
  • Planet Market, My Factory and Planet Info buttons now remain somewhere on these three screens, so that you can quickly switch between things while you're on a planet, without the need to click X and then select one of the other buttons:
  • Sharing Slider now fully works
  • added interface for adding permissions for other factories to be allowed to output production into your factory. It is located inside factory information (click on your factory name) under factory logs:
  • Deleting a permission also works now.
  • The game now runs on the newest code of factory production that I was working on for the last week. This results in much faster and efficient code execution, much less impact on the database and these new features:
    -new improved factory logs system
    -factories can now produce stuff at lower than maximum capacity. What I mean is even if you don't have all the required resources to produce it will still produce as much as possible given the resources that are available. Check the Production Capacity information in your new factory logs to see what capacity factory produced at.
    -option to output produced resources into other factories (You must have permission granted by the factory you want to output to, else your production will simply be output to your own storage)
    -option to specify whether your factory will allow other of your factories to take resources from it's storage for their production (Called Sharing)
  • interface change to allow outputing to other factories and sharing on/of slider:
  • Fixed Bug #3 Clicking on your factory name will open up the factory details like before but click it again and it will now close! (or clicking on any other factory name will also close it)
  • From today on I will resume working on this game and will also work on it full time, minimum 7 hours per day if not more. I will put in a lot of effort to finish the game by the end of 2018.
  • I also added a paypal donation button on the home page for those who want to help fund this game so it gets fully released. However I will not be giving any ingame $ rewards for your donations yet, because there is a big chance I might reset the current game state in order to bring in large new stabilized updates.
  • When disbanding factory for the first time(only firing the workers) the size of the factory will be reset to 1. This is to fix situations where if you disbanded a big factory like size 50 you couldn't resize it back to 1 because you have 0 workers employed and you also couldn't employ 500 workers because the planet doesn't have that many unemployed anymore.
  • You can now zoom out and in with your scroll wheel! I don't recommend zooming out too much :wink: as you'll get more lagg and numbers all over your screen xD
  • While coding zooming in out I fixed a bug #8 and similar bugs.
  • Changed required mining turns from 10 per 1 m3 of ore to 2. So right now mining full cargo hold of ore (200) will require 400 turns instead of 2000 which was way too much turns btw! Also lowered moving turns from 5 per grid distance to 4. Also considering faster turns regeneration rate but i'll see how these changes will balance gameplay first.
  • Asteroids are now respawning. Every time an asteroid is mined a new one is spawned somewhere between x and y -1000 and 1000
    Currently asteroids don't despawn and they need to be mined in order for new ones to spawn.
    For those interested in what kind asteroid sizes can spawn and chances of that here's the code:
    Later i'll be adding asteroids spawning in asteroid belts and when there are more ores, different areas of the galaxy will have different ore rarity.
  • You can now mine asteroids!
    Get next to an asteroid and then a popup with scan button will show up. You then click mine which will fill your cargo hold with the asteroid's ore.
    There are only ice asteroids at the moment and I spawned 5000 of them within an area of x and y of -1000 and 1000 so they are quite common to find. Asteroids sizes are ranging from tiny that have 1 ice to mega roids that can have up to 40k ice but majority of roids will have between 50-600 ice on them.
  • Created a new factory type called Ice Refinery that turns ice which you can mine on asteroids into water.
    Changed wheat and bread farm to now require water for production! So to keep things going people will need to mine ice on asteroids, put it to Ice refinery to get water and then the water can be used for production of wheat and bread which is consumed by planet populations.
  • You can now see starve index of your workers and total money they have in factory managment (clicking on factory name)
  • Changed factory creation form info to show required input resources per worker per cylce on the My factory page
  • Added 10 biggest factories list to frontpage
  • Updated the front page a little to make it look a bit more fancy and started work on asteroid mining.
  • Fixed a bug when hiring new workers where money from population pool wasn't getting correctly transferred to the factory workers money pool
  • Fixed known bug #7 where factories would output 0 amount of resources for sale or into factory storage when there are 0 workers employed.
  • improved a few User Interface things to make user experience more pleasant:
    -When you press X inside planet market, my factory or planet info, the welcome to the planets trading outpost popup will appear at the bottom again so you won't have to move away and back to the planet to get back into one of those 3 interfaces anymore.
    -My Factory managment is now much less annoying since changing anything will now show Success or Fail warnings on top left window instead of opening a new blank window with Return link. Also removed those pesky browser alert warnings when there aren't any errors.
  • fixed a bug where you could duplicate items with a crafty use of for sale's Cancel button
  • If you own a factory you can now create a planet market requests with your factory. You can also cancel them and captains can also sell to these requests!
  • Refined the new quick navigation transition to have a really nice smooth animated bluring in and out. Looks fancy now :D
  • Newly registered players now get 35000 turns instead of 5660 so they have full turns to play around with when they start the game.
  • New moving transition: Clicking on one of the planets or display x,y in the quick navigation will now blur out / in and instantly load that location instead of the automated draggable transition animation that was in place before. This should make things less annoying and quicker to move between the planets.
  • Added a warning on register page if user writes in their email with any of the letters upercase. This is so that people don't accidentally register with an uppercase letter in their email and then try to log in with lower case letters which will fail because I implemented emails as case sensitive! (according to email standard emails can in fact be case sensitive, but services like gmail default to lower case)

    So people can still register with their valid email that contains uppercase letters, but they will be warned in case they just made a writting mistake. Thanks to @Zed Steele for bringing this up.
  • Planetary populations are now decreasing/increasing depending on their food consumption.
    Each group of population has their own starve index. Every factory has it's own population group(since they have different money income: player set wages) and then there are the planet's unemployed.
    Every cylce people get +1 starve_index if they successfully bought and ate any food or they get -1 starve_index if there wasn’t enough food on the market or they didn’t have enough money to buy it. Minimum starve index is -220 and maximum is 440. While starve index is negative people are starving and therefore dying. Bigger the negative starve index higher the rate at which people will die every cylce. The rate is calculated in percents of the total population that dies: starve_index /60. So for the minimum of -220 starve index population will decrease for 3.66 % (-220/60) every cycle.(edited)
    While starve_index is between 0 to 50. No people will die and no people will be born. This is like a recovery phase - babies can’t be born instantaneously. After starve index increases over 50, new people will start getting born at the rate of starve_index/60 but after index is 100, the born rate stays at constant 1.7% population increase. When people are born they get 200$ each. This is the only money influx into the game right now though later the second money influx into the game will be player donations. When people die no money is deducted from the respective population group money pool (like ). Of course when new people are born to factory workers population group they get added to the unemployed pool and not the factory population group.(edited)
    Factory owners are therefore encouraged to set high enough wages /low enough food prices so that their workers can buy food from the market each cycle abd don't die from starvation. The problem at the moment is unemployed population that doesn't have enough money to buy food and will starve which also means captains can't create new factories because there isn't any work force to employ! Later planet leaders will be able to give food or money support to these unemployed. Though there will still be new people born out of the population that is employed in player's factories and isn't starving(think: inheritage).
  • game now runs on the domain! (but you can still access it with the same IP adress) I now also have a certified https secure connection so your data is safely being sent across the internet :smile:
  • You will now get an error message top left if you don't have enough turns to move to the wanted grid
  • Implemented turns! Every cycle(10 minutes) you will get 220 turns to a maximum of 35 000 turns(31680 turns per day). Your starter ship currently consumes 5 turns per distance of 1 grid.
    This will allow you to fly back and forth between Ayraat and Evora almost 10 times per day. Reason I have a lot bigger range of turns than in Chosen Space is because I wanted more granularity and I didn't want to introduce decimal numbers for turns. Like in Chosen space all the ships needed one turn to move 1 grid. In this game the fastest ship will only need 2 and the slowest like 8.
    The distances are calculated with a classic Euclidean distance formulea within Cartesian coordinate system.
  • Added some planet info on a new planet info button on the planet interface. Added Top 10 richest captains list to the front page.
  • You can now transfer items from your ship cargo to your factories! You can do that on the factory storage page where your ship cargo now shows at the bottom.
    With this update setting up Bread factories on planet Ayraat is now actually viable! You will need to buy wheat at planet Evora(or load it from your factory storage to your ship - that feature is coming up next!), fly it to Ayraat and put it into storage of your factories there so that your bread factories can use it and produce Bread.
  • You can now transfer items from your factory storage directly to your ship! You can do that on the factory storage page. There is now a Ship option in the transfer to: dropdown list:
  • You can now select text normally (so you can copy stuff out :smile: ) except on the galaxy map where it's disabled so it doesn't interfere with dragging the view around.
  • Added stop animation and stop queue to the Screen that pops up from the bottom when you visit a planet outpost. Which means moving to and from the outpost very quickly(faster than animation finishing) will now stop from that screen going up and down for seconds after you've already stop moving but will now response nicely to your movement.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented putting factory storage cargo for sale.
  • You can now put factory storage items for sale on the planet market. You can do that on the factory storage page by setting wanted amount and price and then clicking Sell (top right button).
  • Started recording some statistics about how much total money there is in the game and which groups of entities hold it and how many employed and unemployed planetary npcs there are.
  • If you don't have enough money to pay wages to your factory workers, all of your workers will leave the factory. Your money balance won't go into negative anymore. I reset money of all the captains who had negative balance to one million :D enjoy!
  • You can now delete your factories!
    Go to My Factory -> click factory's name -> disband button.

    First click on the disband button will fire all of the workers and remove for sale goods from planet market back to factory storage but won't delete your factory or the goods in factory storage yet.

    At this point you can simply click on workers number(0) and employ new workers if you happened to accidentally hit disband and factory will continue running normally or you can leave the factory in this dormant state with 0 workers (however you can still use it's factory storage). Or you can use factory to factory cargo transfer feature to move all of the remaining cargo in factory storage out before completely deleting it.

    Hitting Disband button for the second time (while having 0 Workers employed) will delete the factory completely along with any cargo you had left in the factory storage.
  • Added touch support so the game is now "playable" on phones and other touch devices!
    The only difference with the desktop version is that since there is no left and right click while touching, you can't get info about other ships/asteroids/outposts like you can on a computer. Touching any grid will move you to that grid while on computer left click will give info and right click will move you.
    Make sure you have it zoomed out in order to see the planet outpost poping up from the bottom when you visit planets.
  • You can now transfer resources between the storage of your factories. :ok_hand: You do it on the Factory Storage screen. Of course you can only transfer between factoreis that are on the same planet.
  • You can now recover your password if you forget it. After writting in your email or nick of the account you forgot the password to, you will receive an email with a link to where you can set a new password. Expect to find the email in your Spam inbox though! Because it appears as i'm sending email from while in reality it gets sent from the adress of the current game server which doesn't have a domain atm.
  • Tidied up login and register page a little bit. If you get logged out while still in the game and trying to do any action, this will now give you a big message on a blank page saying to login again. Also added more security checks to various code.
  • You can now cancel the sale of your for sale items!
    You do it by clicking on a cancel button located on the planet's Trade market next to your offers. Both those that your factories put up for sale and those you put for sale yourself from your ship cargo. If canceling your factory's for sale item it will return to factory storage. If canceling an item put up for sale from your ship cargo then it will return to your ship cargo (only if your cargo hold has enough empty storage in it).
  • Created an ingame "Tutorial" accessible through a button top right. It's a very ugly wall of text right now and not all the features are explained but it goes into enough depth about how planet factories work.
  • Your turns and money are now updated from the database with pretty much any action you do in the game so you always have the latest info available. Added your captain's nick above the turns as well. Also tidied up a few alerts I had to test while developing.
  • You can now change prices of things you and your factories have for sale! You do it directly on the Trade market where you will see that your offers(and of your factories) have different background and ability to change price value.
  • Added "Factory Storage" button next to Cargo hold in the top right window. It opens a screen that displays all of the cargo in internal storage of all your factories in one place.
  • You can now buy from planet market!
  • You can now sell things from your ship cargo hold to planet market!
  • Cargo Hold button now displays your ship's cargo properly.(even though there aren't any ways for you to load anything into your cargo hold yet)
  • You can now dump stuff into space from your Ship's Cargo hold.
  • Added buy interface onto Planet market for sale offers and created databases for ship's cargo. (Clicking the buy button doesn't do anything yet)
  • Added Cargo Hold button on the top right window through which you'll be able to access your ship's cargo hold. Backend code is not done yet so it doesn't show you any cargo
  • Registration form now allows you to have a nickname from multiple words (You can have spaces between the words which comprise your nick). Example: before you had to do "SuperPirate" or "Super_pirate". Now you can have "Super Pirate"
  • Starter ships with 200 cargo holds given to all the existing players and are now of course also automatically given to newly registered players.
  • Newly registered players now also spawn at random x,y coordinates between -20,20 (but there is still no bug fix for these random coords not to spawn you on someone else's ship/asteroid/space station)
  • Planet populations now buy food from the market to eat it! This one was a pain to code and there is still so much work to be done on this to make it into a realistic simulation. But works good enough so that there is a money circulation in the game now and you can try build some wheat and bread factories and make a profit.

    Here are some helpful facts about this update:
    -Factories don't have a special money balance at the moment. So if a planet population buys Bread that one of your factories outputted for sale on the market, then you will directly receive the money to your Captain's account ( You can see your captain's money balance on top right window)
    -At the moment every person has to eat 0.05 amount of any type of food available(Bread and Potatoes exist atm, but you can only make bread through bread factory atm). This translates to roughly 5000 bread on planet Evora (population around 100 000 atm)
    -Right now if there isn't enough food for all of the population on the planet available(employed and unemployed) nobody buys ANY food.
    -Population will buy the cheapest food first at any price that happens to be the cheapest on the market.
    -Each population group(population is divided by unemployed and employed in each of the factory(those have a wage income that the player sets in their factory managment) has a certain amount of money. And if there isn't enough money for that group to buy food then they don't buy any!
    -There is a special variable "Starvation" each population group has. And if there was enough food and money available to buy and eat it then the Starvation goes up by +1 and if they couldn't buy any food then starvation goes down by -1. This will later serve as part of the determining happines of the population and as means to determine how bad starvation is: how many wil die by starving out.
  • Factories now pay wages to their workers!
    - Money get's transfered from Factory Owner's balance to their factory workers. So if you own a factory, money for wages will be taken directly from your Captain's Balance you see on top right window.
    - There are no mechanics coded yet that determines what happens when you don't have enough money to pay your workers. So right now your money balance will go into NEGATIVE! So be careful doing business not to go too much into debt :wink:
5.10. 2017
  • Factory Managment Progress: You can now set the price of the resources you wish to directly output to planetary market (if you have the Output to Market toggled on)
  • Factory Managment Progress: You can now see factory production logs (by clicking on the name of your factory in My Factory option). At the moment you can only see the last 20 logs but this will be changed at a later time. With this update factory managment is completed(although there are a few little things to improve on later) and I will be focusing on getting the trading system fully work in the next few updates
4.10. 2017
  • Factory Managment Progress: You can now see storage of your factories by clicking on the name of your factory in My factory option.
2.10. 2017
  • fixed a bug which failed to transfer money from worker's to unemployment pool when changing the amount of workers on factory managment
  • changing factory output now displays message on the top left info box
  • fixed a bug in factory production logging where logs didn't get inserted into database because of a goddamn ' in the text. RIP almost one hour
  • Factory Managment Progress: You can now change factory's size! Upping the factory size allows you to employ more workers in the same factory instead of creating a new factory of the same type (and thus creating managment nightmare for yourself)
1.10. 2017
  • Factory Managment Progress: CHANGING worker's WAGE amount now works
  • Factory Managment Progress: added factory production output to market toggle on/off. if toggled off it outputs produced resources to internal factory storage instead.
  • polished some code for changing amount of workers on factory managment
30.9. 2017
  • optimized one part of the database that wasn't needed and crushed a bug in factory creation process
  • Factory Managment Progress: CHANGING WORKERS amount now works properly with all the population and money transfers between the factory and planet's unemployment pool being done correctly
    You change the amount of workers in the My Factory option by clicking on the amount of workers listed:
     One ship per grid rule
29.9. 2017
  • Factory production now fully works. Example: Wheat is being produced on your wheat farms and stored in it's internal factory storage and Bread factories then take wheat from Wheat factory's storage of the wheat factories you own and produce Bread and output it to planetary market. All new factories are set default to output to factory's internal storage so you won't be able to see Bread of the newly created factories on the planetary market (Trade button on planet) untill I create faction managment screen. (of course you also can't see internal storage of your factories just yet). Hopefully I code these little details this evening so you can play around and test these.
27.9. 2017
  • Factories now produce resources that don't need any other resources to be produced and output them to planet market. At the moment this is Wheat only and the price is set to 2700$ untill I add more resources and make prices settable in factory managment screen.
  • "The Creation Cycle" is set to 10 minutes (Factories produce stuff every 10 minutes)
16.8. 2017
  • Added a couple asteroids! Although you can't mine them yet or do anything with them except getting their name.
  • Instead of creating 5 factories that produce Bread for example, you can now create one Bread factory with a size 5. This will allow for easier managment.
15.8. 2017
  • Recoded the way ships and stations are handled to be future proof for more easily adding other objects like asteroids in the future.
13.8. 2017
  • Factory creation is now complete along with all the processes around it and is working in the game where you can create two factories atm by getting next to a planet outpost and selecting my factory button.(they don't actually produce resources yet though)
9.8. 2017
  • Done some backend php work for creation of player owned factories on the planets.
8.8. 2017
  • Changed the planet screen to be ready for trading and factory manager data.
7.8. 2017
  • Prepared the database tables for the economy system.
4.8. 2017
  • Added some ship graphics.
3.8. 2017
  • Added an animated slide up outpost information interface whenever you're one grid away from planet's trading post which slides back down when you move away from it.
  • Shifted development path from the planned Ship designing and combat first, economy later to: Economy System first, Ship designing and combat later!
1.8. 2017
  • Fixed a few tiny bugs.
  • Prepared server backend to run some scripts every few minutes (like planet producing goods every hour in Chosen space)
31.7. 2017
  • Added onto the draggable map: planet's trading posts over the planets. They currently display in light blue square and work correctly with collision detection.
28.7. 2017
  • Left clicking on grid to get info now not only just tells you if there is any ship in that grid but actually updates the whole map around you with fresh info about your surrounding ships.
  • Bug fix: You can't get info of ships further than 9 grids away from you in any direction anymore.
27.7. 2017
  • Styled the Registration page.
  • Moved this update page to this server and updated it from my paper written coding logs. You will now be seeing all the updates here daily.
  • Bug fix: you now don't move one block up when you try to move to the same location you're already at. Nothing happens. You also don't move at all if there's no available grids on the 10 grids from your ship on the flight line.
26.7. 2017
  • Crushed all the bugs of One ship per grid rule.
  • Distance of the jump is now also displayed.
25.7. 2017
  • Implemented One ship per grid rule. If there's a ship on the grid you're trying to move to you will be moved behind that grid in the grid which matches approximate line of flight. Look picture:
     One ship per grid rule
24.7. 2017
  • After some vacations returning to coding!
  • Made the index login page look a little more styled.
10.7. 2017
  • Added a new box where you can write in exact location of the coordinates you want the map to display(the maps self-drags to the desired location).
  • Bug fix of "Nothing at this grid" not displaying.
  • Bug fix of the self dragging animation requiring double click instead of just one.
9.7. 2017
  • The planet positions are now fixed onto their correct coordinates.
  • Added one new planet: Evora which looks like a desert planet.
  • Added self dragging animated transition to desired location. Siiick!
  • Added quick navigation buttons to the two planets which animate the map to the location of the planets.
6.7. 2017
  • Added a volcanic looking planet (picture) named Ayraat. Not dynamic yet.
5.7. 2017
  • Multiplayer movement finished. Smushed all the bugs.
4.7. 2017
  • Other player's ships now show on the map 10 blocks around you in every direction(20x20 area). Only on page loadup though.
3.7. 2017
  • Added support for showing more ships/objects on the map. Not yet database connected.
  • Your own ship location is now loaded from the database and properly synced.
2.7. 2017
  • Fixed a bug regarding coordinate conversion from location coordinate into grid's ID.
  • On loadup map can be built from any starter point now not only from 0,0 (can be loaded from Database).
May, June 2017
  • Recoded the "draggable galaxy screen" to be smooth in all browsers, integrated it into login system and added single ship with which you can move around the galaxy (This is not multiplayer yet).
Late Spring 2017
  • After a few different life changes I decided to resume development of this game by building login/register system from scratch.
  • You can zoom in/out using your mouse scroll wheel! Yay!
  • After a long break and some photoshop learning, back to shipbuilder work!
  • Started recoding javascript checks into php for server side check upon submitting a design.
  • Recoded to php and also improved :) connection check algorithm.
  • Polished zooming in and out a bit. Smaller steps on views where you see the whole field.
  • Grouped weapons now get saved into the database and displayed on the showDesign.php page.
  • Grouped weapons are now displayed as one big weapon block instead of numbers written over the same group blocks.
    update 2, weapon grouping display
  • New look! Replaced the background white with spacious black! :D
  • Latest update page was created! welcome here :P
  • Saving into the database and retrieving from database completed.
    You can save your design via the Submit Save&Share button. Once the ship is saved, you're taken to a page that gives you the link where you can view the created design! You can use to share with others! :D
  • Work on saving and retrieving designs from/to database has begun. Getting array of blocks from JS to PHP and back finished.
  • Odd Symmetries Added.
  • Bigger Pen options added. You can now specify pen height/width up to 7 blocks for easier drawing of large ships.
  • Changed connections check to work properly with batteries.
  • Fixed a bug in the drives check.
  • Added Control calculations and now show on stats. Each block needs certain amount of control and need to be connected to Control Room that provides the control.
    Each control room provides 170 Control.
  • Added OFT and OFP stats. They display maximum grid distance one can jump. OFT: On Full Turns and OFP: On Full Power.
  • Added number of Sub Light Engine blocks (SLE#) to stats and HJ#: Number of Hyper Jump Blocks.
The start
  • First ideas and a two move-around-the-limited-galaxy prototype versions of this game date back to 2011 I think.
  • Then in summer 2013 I first started coding the draggable grid map of the galaxy that is in the current (2017) game and then started work on the ship Designer and from 16.10.2013 all the updates done on the game are written on this page.